Do you know what a verbal reasoning test is?

The first of many vital verbal reasoning test tips we can share with you is to be sure you know exactly what it is – contrary to how it sounds, it does not require any sort of oral recitation. If you didn’t already know, verbal reasoning tests involve reading a short passage, understanding the content, and answering a series of True or False questions.

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Whether you’re about to take a verbal reasoning test for employment or your child needs common entrance exam preparation for 11+ or 13+, the processes are very similar and varies only in levels of difficulty. But don’t panic; there are plenty of ways you or your child can be better prepared for exams such as hiring a private tutor.

Here’s a countdown of our top 6 most effective verbal reasoning test tips.

6. Read a lot

Reading is a great way to accumulate general knowledge as well as build vocabulary. Having a broad vocabulary is extremely useful in order for the learner to fully comprehend the passage and the questions. This will also help you develop speed when reading.

5. Take practice tests in timed conditions

One of the most important verbal reasoning test tips is to practice working on sample tests under a given amount of time. This helps you get used to working under time pressure, improve your ability to answer questions quickly (and correctly), and boost your confidence! Practicing with a time limit will also help you identify which areas of test-taking you need to work on more. It’s the perfect way to learn how to balance speed and comprehension.

4. Manage your time wisely

Rather than waste time trying to absorb the material word per word, scan ahead to see how many questions there are for a particular passage and what the questions are. Quickly read and understand the verbal comprehension passage before going back to the first question. Make a mental note of the key words or phrases in the question so you can easily locate them in the passage.

3. Read thoroughly

Did you know that there are plenty of completely avoidable mistakes you can make when taking exams? One small misstep such as reading the instructions wrong can put your results in jeopardy! You’d be surprised how many exam takers miss easy points just by not reading carefully. Do not, under any circumstances, hurriedly scan the instructions on the test or given by the assessor in an attempt to save time. It WILL cost you points! It is vital that you understand the instructions completely before answering anything. Another thing: trick questions are often included in verbal reasoning tests, so do a double take when the answer to a particular questions seems deceptively obvious.

2. Take things literally

Verbal reasoning tests usually require you to select one of the following possible answers: True, False, or Cannot Say. Everything you need to know to answer these questions are in the given passage, so as much as possible do not take far-fetched assumptions into consideration when answering. You’ll just end up confusing yourself.

You can do all these (and more!). Our #1 Verbal reasoning test tip…

1. Get a tutor

All the previous verbal reasoning test tips are extremely useful, but there’s just no beating the benefits of having a personal tutor. An experienced entrance exam preparation tutor will know exactly what is required of students to pass the tests and are best qualified to prepare you for them. They provide plenty of great tips, mock exams, useful feedback, and know how to target areas where you find difficulty. Tutors have a wealth of knowledge and plenty of examination techniques in their arsenal to share. Not only will you ace your verbal reasoning tests, you’ll also learn lots of valuable studying techniques that you can use in all your subjects!

The wonderful thing about hiring a tutor from Classes A to Z is that you are not required to book lessons in blocks – our entrance exam preparation tutors can provide private lessons only when you need them, whether its one or a hundred sessions. Some offer free trial sessions and discounts for block bookings!

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