Yoga Plus Exercise



A combination of yoga plus exercise, based on ashtanga and hatha poses, and my own adaptations.
Each class is around 90% yoga and 10% limbering or warming up exercises at the start and then some basic core strengthening exercises. Core exercises are important to perform yoga poses that require strength and balance. Each class almost always ends with a relaxation phase. Background music is provided

Student Feedback
"I really like the class because I find it difficult/challenging. It is what I want"

"Thoroughly enjoy your classes"

"Having never done yoga before I thoroughly enjoyed the session."
"it is a very enjoyable class and already feeling the benefits; both physically and mentally."

"You've been a great teacher and I've really enjoyed those classes I've managed to join."

"I had a pain in my lower back and now it has gone"

"Thanks for the great yoga Mondays. Best thing I do!"

“What I like about these classes is that there is a balance between physical exercise and yoga positions.”

“Since starting the yoga class a year ago, I am in much less pain now than any time for the past 30 years..I feel more supple and confident both physically and mentally. Walking has become a pleasure again.”

For Age Group: 16 to 85

£ 8.00 / Session
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