Walters Family School Of Taekwondo


Taekwondo Class for Adults

All students will learn a combination of both Traditional Taekwondo and Sport Taekwondo in their lessons. Targets will be set and achievements will be rewarded...if worked hard for. Hard work and discipline are the only way to master Taekwondo and as a result, students will master themselves.

Students will benefit by developing increased mobility, coordination, flexibility, speed, muscular endurance, basic overall fitness, use of kicking/punching/striking/blocking techniques, and a healthier mental well-being. Taekwondo sessions are quite highly intense so will aid in burning calories. As a weight categorised sport Taekwondo athletes are known for their low body fat percentage and powerful legs when kicking.
Martial arts are notorious for the discipline, self control, and strength of mind taught to their students.
Our Family's school provides a safe place to train hard and make new friends.

For Age Group: 16 PLUS

£ 8.00 / Session
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