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Standard Afternoon 20 Lessons per week

Our Standard Afternoon English classes offer 3 hours (4 lessons) of structured class time per day. Resulting in 15 hours per week (20 lessons). However, our afternoon timetable is structured in a slightly different way compared to our morning classes.

Our afternoon classes are a combination of standard English class and one Booster Class of your choice. Therefore, the Standard afternoon class includes one Booster Class of 45 minutes (1 lesson). Followed by 2 hours and 15 minutes of standard English class (3 lessons). The design of this class encourages slightly more focus on areas in which a student wants to improve. Consequently, our Standard Afternoon Classes begin at 13:45 and finish at 17:00.

This course is suitable for students over 16 years old who would like to have the mornings available. Consequently, afternoon classes might be beneficial to students that are unavailable in the mornings or have late shifts at work.

Your study and leisure time will be well balanced if you choose out Standard Afternoon classes. That is, in this course you will have the mornings available for things such as self-study or tourism. Additionally, directly after your classes, you can explore London in the evenings or participate in our social activities programme.

With Rose of York located on Oxford street, we are well connected to all areas of London. Similarly, being in the centre of London, there are many places you can visit before and after classes. Studying in the afternoon also means that students can avoid morning rush hour and enjoy a more relaxed journey into their classes.

Our standard afternoon classes are great for students who would like to balance study and leisure with a focus on a key area. This class is available all year round and students can start on any Monday.

For Age Group: 16 PLUS

£ 648.00 / Monthly
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