Mary Thompson


English lessons for 11 plus, 13 plus, Business English, IELTS and conversation

Tutoring, for me requires a number of different skills: a good knowledge of the subject, an ability to teach, and a caring, supportive nature. For sensitive children in particular, praise and encouragement are of prime importance and can make an enormous difference to their performances at school.
I was a sensitive child myself and one bad comment from a teacher when I was young has affected me to this day. The mind is a powerful thing - if you can believe you can do something, you generally will go on to do it, whereas if you believe you can't, you might give up before you've even tried. A good tutor can help to instill confidence in a child, which might truly change their lives, and this is something I try extremely hard to do, with every student I work with. I aim to create a gentle, nurturing environment where the child feels comfortable and happy, and I've had in general, very good results.
I've always had an interest in foreign languages. After university I spent four years in Japan, where I taught English and focused on becoming as fluent as possible in Japanese. I also lived in Italy for a few months and one of my goals this year is to improve my Italian as I go to the country regularly.
Another passion is writing - I have had a number of short stories published and have been shortlisted in several competitions. At the end of 2012 I started writing a novel and plan to finish that this year.
I also adore physical exercise and have completed many marathons, half marathons and triathlons. Next year I will be taking part in the London Marathon for the third time.

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