Dan Warwick


Music for Little Ones

This 30 to 40 minute session has been developed for children from birth to 3 years old with an accompanying adult.

It consists of a series of specially selected songs each with their own activities designed to engage the children and to achieve constructive developmental outcomes and learning objectives. The songs and activities are largely the same from one session to the next so the development mainly happens as the children grow older and pick things up from each other and from the adults.

Usually the children leave the singing to the grown ups and concentrate on actions, movement and percussion although they often voluntarily sing the songs at home when they think no-one is listening! Around the age of 2 the little ones tend to start joining in singing in the classes but there is never any pressure to do so.

The activities fall into four distinct groups:

actions (eg. roly poly)
percussion (egg shakers, claves and bells)
movement (eg. walking/jumping)
props (eg. soft toys, ball)

The learning objectives are both musical (pulse, pitch, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, timbre, improvisation etc.) and non-musical (coordination, sharing, group dynamics, instruction following, walking, cooperation, jumping, tip-toeing, hopping, listening etc.).

For Age Group: 1 to 3

£ 4.00 / Session
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