I’ve been a music lover ever since I was a kid. I remember wanting to take piano lessons as young (or old?) as 12 years old, because I really wanted to learn to play piano.

But I didn’t.

I had a lot of excuses like “It’s too expensive.“, “I won’t really need it.”, “I don’t have the time.

Hah! A twelve-year-old with no time! What a load of –

Anyway, now that I’m much older, I completely regret never pushing through with piano lessons. Like you, I’ve always wondered if I’m too old to learn to play piano.

Thankfully, the answer is no.


As this adorable and incredibly talented old couple proves, no one is ever too old to play the piano, nor learn to play it. The reason why many hesitate to take piano lessons is because they’re intimidated by the thought of having to play with both hands. But if millions of children and adults of all ages around the world can learn to play piano (me included. Yep, I decided to take piano lessons through Classes A2Z, and it’s been going really well!).

“Ok, I want to learn to play piano, but why should I have to take piano lessons?”

Because without the help of a proper piano teacher, you’re bound to get frustrated quickly and give up. I myself thought I could learn to play piano on my own. While I was able to learn a piece or two by myself, I knew it wasn’t good enough. It was so easy to say “This is impossible!” because all I was doing was a whole lot of guesswork.

Very few people can learn that way.

Consider the fact we have child prodigies that are around the age 6 and 9. Yes, they’re incredibly talented and they definitely worked hard to learn the skills. Yes, grown-ups wish we could play like them. But don’t be jealous of kids for being good at playing the piano or any other instrument. Most of them took lessons.

You still can.

No one’s expecting you to be a prodigy. To be completely honest, you likely won’t learn as fast as you would have when you were younger. All you have to do is give it a shot.

About your hesitations, just:

Let it go!

As long as your fingers and ears still work decently and you’re dedicated, taking piano lessons should still work for you.

“Alright fine, but I don’t want to learn Music Theory?”

Admittedly, playing the piano does go hand in hand with music theory. At first it may seem like all it does is make creating music unnecessarily complicated, but it does the exact opposite. Music theory makes it easier to compose, improvise, and identify chord patterns. All that aside, no one is forcing you study it right now if you don’t want to.

It’s worth knowing that several piano lessons offered in Classes A2Z also include very basic music theory. Just enough to help you understand what you’re playing.

BUT if you’re interested in studying music theory more intensively, you should probably check out these music theory lessons being offered today!

As a parting gift, here’s another adorable old couple playing the theme to Pixar’s “UP”.

You’re never too old to make music!