To be listed on so many local authority websites is a great boost for Classes A2Z!

Not only does it help build credibility, it also brings us a lot of people looking for all kinds of classes and courses in their local areas.

We have multiple listings, so we’ve broken them down into separate pages:

High Quality

When getting listed on local authority websites, we’ve noticed how careful their administrators are. They take great care in making sure that your listing is going to benefit their visitors. Very often we will have emails going back and forth to answer their questions and telephone calls to confirm the details we have entered. The next stage is to build the profile and list the services we have agreed.

Once the listing has gone live, we also need to go through the process of confirming the information is correct, normally once every 6 months.

Even though this is time consuming, we feel that it’s extremely worthwhile and take our hats off to the administrators for a great job!


We look upon this as a long-term ongoing process where we are happy to build relations with the administrators. We understand that sometimes we need to revisit our proposal in some geographic areas because we might not always have the classes available that are needed in that area. Luckily our offering is growing throughout the U.K. on a day by day basis!