When you’re looking for B2B marketing lists of schools to contact, you will need to decide what kind of schools you’re looking for.

A requirement for when you open a business is to choose the closest SIC Codes that best suit your kind of business.

We have listed the educational ones below:

85100    Pre-primary education
85200    Primary education
85310    General secondary education
85320    Technical and vocational secondary education
85410    Post-secondary non-tertiary education
85421    First-degree level higher education
85422    Post-graduate level higher education
85510    Sports and recreation education
85520    Cultural education
85530    Driving school activities
85590    Other education n.e.c.
85600    Educational support services

You would then discuss your need with your B2B data broker like Business Shapes so they can best advise as to which SIC Codes to choose from. You need to think about whether you’re looking for government schools or private schools and ask the data broker how they can differentiate between the two for you. Always explain to the broker the full picture as to how you will approach the contacts and what you will be offering. This is important because they are very experienced with finding the right kind of data for you but it only works if they have all the details.

The next thing you can do is to contract either a lead generation company to create leads for you as per your criteria or even try hotkeys as live transfer hotkeys work well but is an expensive exercise. You can also talk to a LinkedIn specialist about creating a LinkedIn profile with contacts that meet your criteria too. This can take a little time but can get you very good results.