We’re positive that many stars asked themselves the same question you’re asking right now ‘How to become a singer?’.

What do Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, and Adam Lambert have in common?

They all wow the crowd each time they open their mouths to sing. That, and they all took singing lessons. Before they were big star, all they had a faint idea of how to become a singer. Sure they have innate talent, but these world-class acts coupled that with plenty of vocal training to keep up with the demands of becoming a singer. How else do you think they manage to pull off one performance after another and concerts without straining their voices?

They used techniques taught by their professional singing teachers, who constantly keep them in check.

“I still need to learn how to become a singer… Singing lessons are too expensive.”

Not all are. We agree that learning how to sing shouldn’t come at too hefty a price, which is why plenty of the independent singing teachers at Classes A2Z provide VERY AFFORDABLE singing lessons. With an independent teacher, you don’t need to pay extra the way you might for lessons booked through a studio.

Here’s the other good news – you don’t have to commit to multiple lessons.

You can take ONE trial lesson (some of our teachers even give trial lessons for FREE!) before deciding whether you like it or not. You can also take two or three lessons to see how much you’ll improve in a short span of time.

If you choose not to continue, no hard felings!

If you do decide to continue, plenty of our teachers provide discounts for lessons booked in blocks!

It’s a win-win situation, if you ask me. All that’s standing in the way of you learning how to sing properly is making the decision to take affordable singing lessons near you, at your home, or even online.

 “What can I get from these affordable lessons? Can’t I just learn from videos?”

You can, but not as well. How-to videos offer plenty of tips about how to become a singer, but executing those techniques properly is a completely different matter. If the video told you to sing from the diaphragm, would you know how? Can you gauge if you’re doing it correctly? How will you know if you’re even singing the right note? You can’t hear yourself accurately while you sing, but a teacher can.

In fact, singing lessons with a live teacher offers so much more than general tips and techniques for singing. What you’ll get are specific instructions to overcome the specific hurdles that stand in the way of your potential. Some teachers also provide ear training to develop your sense of relative pitch.

Other types of invaluable direction a singing teacher near you can provide is finding your voice. For all you know you probably have a great voice, but you’re choosing all the wrongs songs to sing! Your teacher can guide you through the process of choosing a repertoire that suits you best. They will enlighten you on the true quality of your voice and how to use it to your advantage.

You’ll be blown away by how amazing you can sound.

“I sound horrible and I’m too shy. Is it still worth taking lessons?”

Of course. Vocal transformation is completly possible even for the most terrible singers. The whole point of private singing lessons is for you to develop your vocal technique and to boost your confidence. Take note that lots of professional singers start off not being able to carry a tune to save their life, and ended up making best-selling records. Many struggled with stage fright but now have the confidence to perform regularly in front of thousands of people! A whole lot of them took private singing lessons and vocal coaching (even when they’re at the prime of their career!) for continuous improvement.

Meanwhile if you’re too shy to sing in front of anyone, there’s the option of online lessons. You can request to turn off your video so the teacher can’t see you, but you see them. It will be just like singing to yourself while watching a How-To video, except the instructor can provide you with live feedback. Thank you, technology!

Hopefully after a few sessions you’ll slowly warm up to singing in front of others. It’s a learning process, but we’re not going to pressure you into it.

“I’m already a good singer. I can skip the singing lessons right?”

Even if you’re a seasoned singer – ESPECIALLY if you’re a seasoned singer – there are still many benefits to taking lessons regularly. No one is the exception! Even singers in successful bands take singing lessons at some point in their career to learn how to sing properly and avoid straining (or destroying) their voice. Even big stars like the King of Pop Michael Jackson, Josh Groban, and Stevie Wonder have taken professional singing lessons. It’s a great way to stay on point with everything you’re doing.

Whether you’ve been an amateur singer for a while or only perform in the shower (It’s not sad. We’ve all been there!), anyone has the potential if they’re willing to persevere.

If you want to know more about how to become a singer, contact an experienced singing teacher through Classes A2Z.