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You can list multiple classes and courses you offer no matter whether they’re private one to one classes, group classes or courses. All our member profiles are designed to be simple to understand with a timeline to highlight your latest classes, reviews and success stories! (Why a timeline?)
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One Account, Multiple Locations!

Offer classes across multiple locations and control all booking inquiries, reviews and the issue of certificates all from one account!

It’s the easiest way to increase your coverage and boost your marketing!

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Promote Success – It’s catching!

Build & issue professional looking certificates directly from your account. You can brand them with your own logo and send them to anyone you like!

This is an extremely popular feature of CAZ!

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Reviews that market your business!

Reviews are a powerful tool to let people know just how good you are. With CAZ, you can invite past and present students & clients to leave you reviews.

We’ve made it possible for your reviews to be shared individually on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We also encourage the reviewer to Share their feedback on social media!

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Social Media working for you!

All elements of your profile are social media friendly which gives you the ability to have a greater reach on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

When you add a new class or course, receive a new review or issue a certificate of achievement, you can Share it, Like it and Tweet it!

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The Community Newsfeed!

We're able to keep our community of users all up to date with the latest classes and activities in their area via their newsfeed. All tailored towards the multiple interests they’ve logged with us.

Our community of active users is growing on a daily basis!

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No Monthly Subscription Necessary!

You'll be up and running in no time at all!
Select the right options for you
The Number of locations, subjects & certificates per month
Add your basic information
Your address, profile picture & class prices
Start using CAZ!
Request your first reviews & send certificates within minutes of starting!
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New Member Subscriptions temporarily suspended

The CAZ proposition is changing for the better!

We'll be ready for new members in January & will email you our new proposition.

*30 Days Free

For the first 30 days, you will not be charged the subscription fee. After the 30 days have passed, you will automatically get charged the subscription fee unless you have deactivated your account beforehand.

Introductory Fees

We charge an introductory fee for each new person that books a class or course with you.

Our charge is a percentage of your published class/course fee.

Example 1. The booking is for a private class costing 20 & our introductory percentage is 75%. We will charge you 15 for that introduction & add them to your connections.

If the person is already one of your connections, we do NOT levy a charge when they make a booking with you.

I offer a free trial...?

You can add this in the system as '0.00' for the price of the class. If you are eligible to pay introductory fees, we will just charge you the minimum introductory fee for each new successful booking..

Do I pay for cancelled bookings?

If the booking gets cancelled, they don’t show up or it gets rescheduled, you can change the status within your account for that booking.

If you change it to cancelled, we will not charge you.
If you reschedule it, the system will start again at the new booking date/time.

It's important you make these changes within 7 days of the scheduled booking date as otherwise we will automatically charge you.

I don’t want to pay an introductory fee

You can either choose a package that doesn’t charge introductory fees or if you want to use our booking function for existing clients/students, just invite them to connect with you.

Read more about introductory fees – Introductory fees explained

Do you guarantee bookings?

No, we can’t guarantee bookings but you can rest assured we will be trying our level best to get you bookings!

How long am I committed?

You can change package as often as you want and can also deactivate your account at any time.

Who collects the money for the booking?

We are not responsible for collecting money for the boked class/course. You need to make arrangements to collect the fees yourself.

How will you charge me?

For subscriptions, we charge your card as per your chosen package.
For introductory fees, we charge your card at least 7 days after the agreed booking date has passed.

Can I add my contact details to my profile?

No, you are NOT allowed to add your email address, telephone number, website or address to your profile.

How do I build my reviews?

Log in to your account and invite people to leave a review for you. Just add their email address in the system and we’ll send a request for them to leave you a review. We also automatically request reviews from people that have classes with you via our system.

Do people really look for reviews?

Yes, a high percentage of our visitors will actively click the tab in your profile to check for reviews.

How can I share my reviews on social media?

Every time somebody leaves you a review, we actively encourage them to share it on social media and you’re able to as well. This is a great way to get new business!

Why not read more – Frequently Asked Questions