According to Sir Peter Lampl, Chairman of the Sutton Trust and of the Education Endowment Foundation, the Sutton Trust 2015 polling revealed that hiring a private tutor in the UK has become much more common in London (44% of the students in the capital) and across the whole country (22% of the students outside of the capital) over the past decade. Extra tuition on top of a child’s private education has grown increasingly popular, as more and more parents see the benefits of having a private tutor and are willing to pay extra to ensure that their child can go on to their preferred school or university.

It’s not just about securing a spot in their school of choice. Over half of the students who received private tuition said that the primary reason was to prepare for a specific exam. A close second was to help them with schoolwork in general, while only 13% reported that they had particular interest in the subject. With that being said, there are plenty of benefits to having a private tutor, such as the following:

Applying the right methods

As human beings, we don’t all learn the same way. Despite this undeniable fact, teachers in regular classes tend to use limited teaching methods for the benefit of the majority. If the child finds it easier to learn through a different method, a private tutor would be able to focus on that without worrying about other students.

Working at a suitable pace

We learn at different paces. It is easier for a tutor to keep the pace appropriate for one child than to have to constantly adjust to different students at a time. As such, the student is given the freedom to work at their own pace without feeling competitive with their schoolmates and without the added pressure to finish faster than they could.

Freedom to ask questions

There isn’t always enough time for a teacher to answer all questions in regular classroom settings. Sometimes the students are too shy to raise their hand and ask, forcing them to shrug off the confusion and never raising the issue. The student will eventually be comfortable enough to ask a tutor during one-to-one lessons anything that they do not understand, giving them the opportunity to have a better understanding of the topics at hand.

Focus on Problem Areas

A private tutor will also be able to work on any specific obstacles to learning, such as if the student has sight impairment, hearing loss, and dyslexia. All of these can get in the way of not only learning but also communicating in a classroom setting! A private tutor will be able to adjust accordingly.

Foster study skills

Not only will the student learn that particular subject taught by the tutor, he or she will also learn various studying methods. Some tutors also provide added tuition in exam preparation, skills which can be applied in other subjects as well. In effect, not only is the child learning more about one particular subject, they are also given the skills to do much better in other subjects.

Some parents are hesitant to hire a personal tutor due to safety reasons, but there are several ways to make sure that you and your child are safe. For starters, you should always request to see the tutor’s CRB or DBS check. Always stay nearby to supervise.

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