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Yin Yoga Classes Salisbury

Though all yoga styles feel good, there's nothing quite like the relaxation you get from doing Yin Yoga. Salisbury studios are now offering Yin Yoga classes to help students reach a calm state of mind while engaging in tension-relieving floor poses. Yin Yoga Salisbury classes help students achieve balance as it offers a temporary escape from a busy life, providing the opportunity to soothe an overstimulated mind and exhausted body.


Yin yoga is sometimes confused with Restorative Yoga. While closely related, Yin Yoga classes in Salisbury are not the same as Restorative Yoga Classes Salisbury; the primary difference is that the latter specifically targets areas that need healing from pain or injury.


Why is it called Yin Yoga?

The name comes from the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, wherein opposite forces actually complement each other. It was originally called Yin and Yang Yoga, referring to the connective tissues (yin) and mobile muscles and blood (yang).   There are also yin postures (mostly sitting and lying down postures) and yang postures (strenuous postures). It’s a great way to develop flexibility and have more energy, and is a must for those who normally lead very busy and active lives.


What’s Yin Yoga like?

It does vary from one studio to another or even between two classes by the same studio! Poses are usually held for longer, typically up to five minutes. This allows the students to really sink into it and give the mind and body some down time. Depending on the studio you choose it’s generally a pretty chill class where you can focus on you! Reward yourself with productive relaxation and give Yin Yoga Salisbury classes a go!

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