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Wing Chun Training Luton

The martial art Wing Chun is known for being simple yet effective. It places less focus on brute strength, emphasizing instead control and proper positioning to deliver strikes and blocks efficiently without wasting a lot of energy. There are wing chun classes in Luton available for men and women of all ages, some even as young as 10 years old! It all depends on what is offered by the wing chun kung fu academy of your choosing. One of the tools used for wing chun training in Luton is a wooden dummy on which you'll practice angles, positioning, speed, flow, accuracy, and and power. The wooden dummy can also help condition the arms. 


Benefits of Wing Chun Classes

There are many different and distinct types of martial arts, but what they all have in common is the practice of physical and mental discipline. Aside from enhancing useful self defence skills, martial arts is good for the health, builds self-confidence and inner strength, and teaches honor and respect for yourself and others. Taking Wing Chun classes in Luton also helps condition your body and improve mental control. 


What to expect in Wing Chun Classes Luton

If this is your first time to take any sort of martial arts classes, don't feel too shy! No one is expecting you to be an expert overnight; everyone is there to learn and to improve. Continuous practice of wing chun will enhance your body control, posture, coordination and balance. It enhances self-confidence and awareness giving you a much more focused mind. Wing Chun involves short and long-range tactics which makes it an ideal and effective form of self-defence. Remember to wear the appropriate attire for your wing chun classes in Luton – opt for clothes that don’t restrict range of motion, and pick a pair of shoes that will support your balance. Don’t forget to bring a towel, bottle of water and a change of clothes. Most of all, don't forget to have fun!

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At KMDT we teach a clearly-structured self-defence system. All of our Instructors are highly experienced and are dedicated to your progression in both physical ability and technical understanding. Whether you are a complete novice, or you have experience in Wing Chun or any other martial arts, we offer a complete self- defence martial art that is not only effective, but fascinating to learn. Our teaching approach is easy to follow, practical, and more importantly effective for a real self environment. Each class is organised so as to follow on from the previous weeks practice and this develops a good understanding of this very simple but effective martial art over a period of time.

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