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About Ukulele Lessons

If you're looking for the best way to learn ukulele, look no further! We have some of the best ukulele players eager to provide you ukulele lessons. Our friendly instructors will teach you how to tune, hold, and strum your ukulele until you and your friends can jam to your heart's content. Pick up your instrument, find an instructor from Classes A2Z, and get started on ukulele lessons today!


How to Learn to Play Ukulele

Learning to play Ukulele is one of the most highly recommended activities for people of all ages because of its many advantages. The benefits of playing the Ukulele, and most other instruments for that matter, are not limited to entertainment and creative expression. They help improve hand-eye coordination and even help sharpen fine motor skills. Many classes and courses on how to play Ukulele also involve at least some music theory and composition, so you’re really getting a lot more out of your private Ukulele lessons for beginners to advanced than one would think.


Classes A2Z has a community of professional teachers and tutors with a wide range of qualifications and experiences. Under Ukulele Lessons are a variety of classes and courses for children and adults, as well as those with special needs. There are Ukulele courses that cater to all levels, different Ukulele styles, and for different budgets to make learning to play Ukulele accessible for everyone.


Ukulele Lessons for Adults

Too many people yearning to be able to play the Ukulele think that actually learning to play the Ukulele as an adult is too late. This is not the case at all! Adult Ukulele lessons are far more common than you’d think. Do a quick search and you’ll find that more than one Ukulele teacher listed with us offer these. Many of them have experience and have had much success with teaching Ukulele to those up to senior age! Knowing how to play the Ukulele as an adult even if you’re a complete beginner has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Playing music can even increase the human growth hormone to reduce signs of aging. Now that’s what we’d consider highly beneficial!


Ukulele tuition provided by our teachers are for all ages, whether you’re a beginner who has never so much as touched a Ukulele before or an advanced learner looking to improve your skills. Ready to learn Ukulele the right way? Start your journey in learning to play Ukulele by sending an enquiry to one of our highly qualified Ukulele teachers near you!

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Key Lessons
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KeyLessons provides one-on-one musical tuition in the comfort of your home so lessons are convenient and comfortable for you. We have competitive rates and extraordinary teachers to make your learning fun, flexible and catered to your learning needs. All our teachers have DBS(CRB) checks regularly and are all registered with examination boards to enter you into exams. Above all our teachers have passion for music, which makes learning from them fun and invaluable.
Malcolm Callus
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Ukulele lessons at mine/yours/centres (in London) or online (worldwide) ukelele lessons LondonAlso known as the uke, the ukulele originates in 19th century Hawaii, gaining popularity a century later in USA, from where it spread internationally. The uke belongs to the lute family of instruments, and its 4 strings are generally tuned like the 3rd (G), 2nd (C instead of B), and 1st strings of the guitar (E) + a top A string. So one can look at it as an 8 string guitar where the lower 4 strings (G is 8th, C is 7th, E is 6th, A is 5th string) become the only 4 of the ukelele, but at a higher pitch. The image to the left shows where a ukelele’s open strings can be found on a guitar. The uke is smaller than a guitar, and is hence more popular among kids due to the comfort of playing it. It is highly used as a strumming instrument, which makes it a great vocal accompaniment instrument, and is thus also popular with singer/songwriters of all ages. Read more about the instrument’s expanding versatility and use in music (this link also includes a tuner!). ukelele lessons LondonThere are 2 types of common tuning – the re-entrant High G (the standard common tuning ukes come in, due to the instrument’s most common use as an accompaniment instrument) or the Low G tuning (preferred by guitarists who switch to ukulele, as it allows for more scalar shapes & melodic playing). The baritone uke is an exception as it is tuned as the 1st 4 strings of a guitar, i.e. D G B E. Its tone and volume varies with size, from small/thin sound to less small/rounder sound as follows : soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Have a listen to how the sounds of each vary. When buying a uke, buy one which you can see the wood, as colour varnish ruins the sound. Variations like pocket uke (aka sopranissimo), U-bass (a bass ukulele) and a guitalele (ukulele in the shape of a small size guitar), are also available. Topics covered in my ukulele lessons Chords & Strumming Fingering technique Picking &/or Fingerstyle Single-string melodies Songs Reading TAB (& music if requested by students) Much, much more! Ukulele lessons for kids & beginners These start you off with some basic chords and strumming patterns, then moving to melodies as you progress. Soprano & concert ukuleles are the ones suggested for kids. Ukulele lessons for singers Here you also learn to play with fingers, to make your playing sound more harp/lute-like, and flow like a waterfall. Attention will always be given to the pulse of the music, which is of paramount importance to help a singer simultaneously sing and play. Where are lessons held? SE16 6HR, at yours or online. If the weather is good, lessons at the tutor’s studio can also be held in a front garden private area.
Michael Howard
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Michael has a vast knowledge of music styles and genres such as folk, blues, punk, indie, rock, and metal. He is able to tailor his teaching to suit students' needs and offers patient and friendly private tuition in the comfort of your own home.

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