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About Philosophy Lessons

Love engaging in talks of philosophical ideas but having a hard time keeping up with your philosophy classes? A logical thinker would know that one of your best options to learn more efficiently is to take philosophy lessons from a highly-qualified and intelligent tutor! Whatever school level you’re at, you can definitely find a philosophy teacher offering covering just the right topics and concepts that you need to learn. Look for a wise tutor offering philosophy lessons through Classes A2Z!


Philosophy Trivia

  • The Greek word ‘phylos’ means ‘to love’, while ‘sophie’ means ‘wisdom’. The term ‘philosophy’ literally means ‘the love of wisdom’.
  • Western philosophy is roughly divided into three historical periods: Ancient (585 BC - 400 AD), Medieval (400 – 1500), and Modern (1500 – 1900).
  • Pre-Socratic philosopher Thales of Miletus (640 – 546 BC) is widely considered to be the first philosopher in the Greek tradition. He is also known as the first person in Western civilization known to have engaged in scientific thought.

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