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Have you tried recording your own music, only to realise that something doesn't quite sound right? Even the most talented musician or most expensive equipment won’t be able to produce a good recording without proper audio recording, editing, and mixing. The good news is that all of these can be fixed by learning the proper techniques through music recording lessons! It doesn't matter if you intend to submit it to a recording company or simply want to share your music; a recording is only worth hearing if it's in good quality. Start your music recording lessons by choosing a listed music recording teacher at Classes A2Z!


Music Recording Trivia

  • The first sound recording device that could play back the recording was the Phonograph, invented by Thomas Edison in 1877.
  • The first commercial digital recordings were released in 1971.
  • The most expensive equipment is not always the right equipment.

Alex Bett
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Provide understanding of: Recording band instruments, drums, guitars, bass, vocals. Use of microphones both types and placement Using a DAW e.g. Logic Pro. Using Compression Adding Effects Mixing and Balancing a Recording Working with MIDI and Plug-Ins Basic Synthesis

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