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Taking music composition lessons is very important if you want it to be less difficult for you to learn various musical concepts such as harmony, musical form, orchestration, and so much more. Composition can be learned and used by any musician, regardless of what instrument you play – all you have to do is find the right composition teacher for you. How can you do that, you ask? Use the search bar at Classes A2Z to find an extensive list of music composition lessons in being offered. Good luck!


Music Composition Trivia

  • When making music, the composition usually comes before the lyrics are written. There are also cases wherein composers rely on the words to provide inspiration for composing.
  • Mozart had composed 41 symphonies by the time he died at the age of 35.
  • For the most part, such as for TV, film, and commercials, composing is a freelance job. In the case of video game composers, a surprising number of them are full-time, ‘in-house’ employees.

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Regardless if you are a beginner, an advanced student; if you aim to train for your own enjoyment or towards sitting a grade examination; choosing WKMT means you are getting fully immersed in the world of music... Our Buenos Aires born founder and director, Juan Rezzuto, is an active London composer and concert pianist. He personally trains all our tutors so their teaching approach remains aligned to our world recognised piano technique.
Key Lessons
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KeyLessons provides one-on-one musical tuition in the comfort of your home so lessons are convenient and comfortable for you. We have competitive rates and extraordinary teachers to make your learning fun, flexible and catered to your learning needs. All our teachers have DBS(CRB) checks regularly and are all registered with examination boards to enter you into exams. Above all our teachers have passion for music, which makes learning from them fun and invaluable.
Peter Sander
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I teach Music Composition in a way that my students are encouraged and guided in mastering the process of musical language and technique of composition in all traditional and current musical styles, possibly including popular, and jazz idioms It is an ongoing process, starting from smaller forms to larger compositions - i.e from solo instruments, through smaller and larger chamber ensembles all the way to writing for large orchestra Having mastered the basic skills you are also ready to start producing music for the screen! Send an inquiry today and start your lesson!

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