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What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai or Thai Boxing is a style of kickboxing and the national sport of Thailand. It is considered to be one of the most effective striking arts in the world. The discipline is often referred to as the “Art of Eight Limbs” since it uses the 8-point striking system. Rather than relying only in kicks and punches, Muay Thai fighters can also strike using their elbows and knees.


Muay Thai training has a reputation for being physically demanding. The flip side is that you’ll be coming out of it leaner, stronger, and faster than you’ve ever been in your life! Even if you’re not training to compete as a fighter, Muay Thai is also an effective way to get fit.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Muay Thai near you: 




Who can train in Muay Thai?

Are you looking to lose weight? Do you want a toned body? Do you want to become stronger, faster, and fitter? Do you want to do a workout that helps you achieve all these AND teaches you how to kick butt? Then Muay Thai is for you.


Muay Thai classes are open to all ages, male or female. You don’t even have to be incredibly fit to start. The warm-ups and conditioning drills alone will gradually help you improve your general fitness. Although they can be very challenging, that’s what makes Muay Thai such a popular workout!


Worried about struggling with the exercises from not being in good shape? There’s a couple of things you can do to prepare. We suggest doing some form of cardio in the weeks leading up to your first class; this can be in the form of jogging or jump rope, as these help build your stamina.


What are the benefits of Muay Thai training?

There are so many benefits you can reap from consistent Muay Thai training. Very few workouts and sports can provide cardiovascular conditioning the way Muay Thai does. It help increase your heart and lung capacity. The kicks and footwork will build leg strength, and everything else builds the strength of your core or your abs. Because it’s a full-body workout, Muay Thai is helpful in burning fat and gaining muscles.


Muay Thai training is a great way to relieve yourself of stress and pent up emotions. You won’t be able to think about problems of the day while focusing on getting your forms right! Sparring will teach your mind and body to act as one, thus improving your coordination and ability to make split-second decisions.


What should I expect from Muay Thai classes near me?

A large part of Muay Thai training is conditioning. The rest is practicing technique through technical drills. Sparring is also a vital part of training, but when you spar will depend on the Muay Thai gym where you’re training. Most gyms won’t let you spar until you’ve been training for several months, sometimes up to a year!


For your first class you’ll be sticking with learning the basic techniques and practicing on pads and bags. As for the conditioning, this normally involves jogging, push-ups, sit-ups, and other body weight exercises.


It should now be obvious that Muay Thai can be physically demanding. Go into it knowing that you will suck at first, even if you’re in great shape. Everyone does when they’re starting out! This is what gets Muay Thai fighters and students alike in such superb shape. Just push through with your training if you find it suitable and you should progress over time.


How do I avoid Muay Thai injuries?

Muay Thai classes are safe, but accidents can still happen. It is impossible to avoid muscle soreness and bruises completely. These are most commonly found on the shins, but usually not after the first couple of sessions. The bumps and bruises are normally no cause for concern and will go away after a few days.


You can still train if, say your shins are bruised, by focusing on strikes that use only your fists and elbows. If you’re not prepared to deal with a few bruises here and there, that may mean that Muay Thai is not for you.


With that being said, there are pieces of training gear that will come in handy when it comes to reducing the risk of injury. These are the following:


  • Hand Wraps – These are must-haves during training, even for beginners. Hand wraps will protect your wrists and provide cushioning for the knuckles when punching.
  • Muay Thai Gloves – Gloves specifically for Muay Thai are different from regular boxing gloves in that they are more flexible and allow you to open your hands. Most people choose their Muay Thai gloves according to weight, with 16 oz being the most commonly used for sparring.
  • Shin Guard – Conditioning the shins is a gradual process. Wear shin guards when sparring but try to go without during drilling exercises.
  • Mouthguard – Mouthguards protect your teeth from getting chipped or knocked out! It absorbs the shock from getting hit in the face.
  • Knee Pads – These protect not just your knees but also your sparring partner. They are not often used unless you have sensitive knees.
  • Ankle Wraps – Not essential unless you need extra support for balance.


The most common treatment for most Muay Thai-related soreness and bruising is called the RICE treatment: Rest-Ice-Compress-Elevate. Massaging liniment oil on areas of concern to soothe the pain and help them heal faster.


Do I need to buy all the equipment?

Don’t worry about investing too much at the beginning; you don’t need to wear or even buy the gear at the same time. Start with the basics. Usually a beginner class will only require you to wear hand wraps.


Call the gym or club where you plan to get your first lesson and ask what specific gear you’ll be needing. If you’re still unsure if you’d like to commit to Muay Thai and invest in equipment, you might also want to ask if you can rent it out from them.


Can I learn Muay Thai near me?

You don’t need to fly all the way to Thailand to get effective Muay Thai training! All you have to do is fill in the search bar at the top with Muay Thai and your location. The search results will show you the Muay Thai gyms and clubs near you.

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Camden Martial Arts
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At Camden Martial Arts we focus mostly on stand-up fighting and generally use a striking base similar to that of Muay Thai - the devastating Thai kickboxing art. It is often referred to as the ‘Science of Eight Limbs’ as it combines punching and kicking with elbows and knees. I have trained in Thailand and have trained for years under Winston Fraser who was twice European Champion. I have also trained with Ajarn Chai Sirisute who introduced Muay Thai to the USA in 1968.
The Eagle Kickboxing Academy
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Muay Thai is the National Sport of Thailand and is part of its cultural heritage where it has strong Buddhist links. MuayThai is different to kickboxing and international (western) boxing. It is effect of techniques and not the volume of techniques that are important in determining the winner of a fight. A number of techniques are considered by judges to be more effective than others; unbalancing an opponent and following up with a strong technique, knocking down or throwing an opponent onto the floor, hitting with clean hard kicks or knees to the body. In professional fights, the fights are judged as a whole and it is important that a boxer finishes strongly; the later rounds (3, 4 and 5) are the most important. In amateur fights each round is scored equally but judges are still looking for the dominant and most effective fighter. If you have to judge a fight yourself you need to be very familiar with the rules of MuayThai, have an understanding what good MuayThai techniques look like, look objectively at what happens in the fight and not be influenced by the crowd.
Kru Tony Moore
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Muay Thai is the most famous of the Thai Martial Arts, Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a full contact martial art. Muay Thai can be practice for the sport Professional or Amateur competitions,self defence or to get fit while studying a Martial Art. Here at the Sitsiam Camp we teach the art of Muay Thai which incorporates Muay Boran Traditional Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) and all the traditional aspects of the art including the history and culture of the Martial Arts of Thailand. Our chief instructor is Kru Tony Moore is one of the foremost authorities on Thai Martial Arts.

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