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South Wimbledon Shorinji Kempo Dojo
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Zazen seated meditation is practiced in every class. This is a great way to calm the mind. Students sit cross legged and breath deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth. Zazen meditation is an integral part of Shorinji Kempo training and is beneficial to all. The teachings of Shorinji Kempo in underpinned by a practical philosophy called Kongo Zen that aims to improve individuals th ...
Ultimate Unique Fighting Arts
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"Meditation is the only freedom from stress, tension, and anxiety." Meditation is training purely for the mind. Students sit with their legs crossed, their back and neck straight and eyes closed. Bring your palms together, holding them on your lap, just below the navel. Students should focus on their breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly through the nose. The breaths themselves should ...
Holistic on Site Therapies
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Individual and group tuition available in Essex, Hertfordshire, South Cambridgeshire and North London. Learn to meditate effectively, using a variety of methods and styles to enhance mindfulness practices. Learn to create space, practice mindfulness, meditate and switch off from everyday stresses and strains. Available as weekly meditation sessions and short courses tailored to fit your needs ...

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