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Are you planning to pursue Medicine as a degree? Are you struggling with preparing for GCSE or A Level? You should definitely try taking one-to-one Medicine Lessons! Having your own personal tutor will be a great help for you to fully understand the principles of Medicine. Our listed professional Medicine tutors offer private tuition and more than willing to tailor an effective lesson plan for you for a more efficient and enjoyable learning! If you’re up to the challenge of pursuing Medicine and would like to ace your exams, get in touch with an excellent Medicine tutor through Classes A2Z today!


Medicine Trivia

  • Some of the earliest named doctors were women. The first female known by name was Merit Ptah. She lived in approximately 2,700 BC and hieroglyphs on her tomb describe her as ‘the Chief Physician’.
  • One of the oldest known medical textbooks is the Sushruta Samhita, on 6th century BC, written in Sanskrit in India. Among its many surgical descriptions, the Sushruta Samhita documents cataract surgery.
  • General anaesthesia helped cancer patients at the beginning of the 19th century. On 13 October 1804, Seishu Hanaoka performed a surgery using general anaesthesia to remove a tumour from one of his patients with breast cancer.
  • A "leech craze" hit 19th-century Europe. French physician François-Joseph-Victor Broussais, postulated that all disease stemmed from local inflammation treatable by bloodletting using leeches.

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