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About Media Studies

Working with a media studies tutor is a great way to ensure that you gain an in depth understanding of the subject. Media studies requires comprehension and skills of various disciplines, including cultural studies, film theory, information theory, philosophy, sociology, and more – taking private media studies will surely help you with that. There are media studies tutors for students of all ages, from Key Stages 1-3, GCSE, and at A Level. Find a qualified and experienced media studies tutor offering the right media studies lessons you’re looking for through Classes A2Z!


Media Studies Trivia

  • Rather than simply celebrating media, Media Studies focuses on being able to deconstruct our media-dominated world. This includes developing practical skills for evaluating and analyzing information and other media products.
  • Degree options for media studies include Film and TV, Animation, Media Communications, Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing, New Media Journalism, and more.
  • In the 1960s, media studies in the UK developed from the academic study of English.

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