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Manual Driving Lessons

Planning to learn how to drive? Almost any driver will recommend that you learn manual driving first. One of the reasons is that it’s much easier to pick up driving an auto once you’re able to drive a manual, while doing it the other way around can be a bit of a struggle. Manual driving can be a challenge at the beginning but it’s also far more exciting as you’ll have more control of the vehicle. Once you pass a manual license test, you’re legally allowed to drive both manual and automatic cars! Find a driving school near you and choose the appropriate course for you, whether you’re a complete beginner or looking for a refresher course.


Benefits of Manual Driving Lessons

Driving a manual car is arguably safer as you’ll have greater control of the gears and will have the ability to shift it in an instant according to the road condition. This is especially useful when manoeuvring corners and driving in snow or ice. Vehicles with manual transmission are often more fuel-efficient than their automatic counterparts. They tend to be cheaper to purchase, so you’ll have a bigger pool of models to choose from, and are cheaper to maintain.


Don’t be put off by the many bells and whistles on your first manual driving lesson; hardly anyone gets it on their first try! Keep calm and simply keep practicing – eventually it will become second nature to you.


Tips for Manual Driving Lessons

Once you find the driving instructor or driving school you’d like to take lessons from, be consistent with your schedule. Be patient with learning and practicing even if you think you already know what the driving instructor is saying – slow and steady wins the race! Repeatedly practicing manoeuvres even when you’ve already gotten the hang of it helps boost your skills. Note that there are subtle differences in every vehicle, which may cause you to be flustered if the vehicle ‘feels different’. Try practicing on different vehicles or at the very least use the same car you’ve practiced on during the practical test.

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