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What is Kickboxing?

Kickboxing is the umbrella term for a group of combat sports that combines boxing with kicking. The most well-known style of kickboxing is Muay Thai (the Art of Eight Limbs from Thailand), although there are others such as Kun Khmer (from Cambodia), Savate or French Footfighting, Japanese kickboxing, Dutch kickboxing, and American Kickboxing. Along with different styles there are varying rulesets, meaning some styles allow low kicks and knee strikes while others don’t. If your goal is to become a fighter and join tournaments, you should discuss this with a kickboxing gym near you where you plan to take classes.


That being said, not everyone takes up kickboxing to compete. Many students simply want the aerobic workout while learning self-defence techniques. Everyone is welcome to join the world of kickboxing in their own way! You might get confused with the plethora of kickboxing lessons available out there, so here’s a quick rundown:


Kickboxing for Fitness

Tired of your usual routines using stationary gym equipment? A typical cardio kickboxing class leans more towards the fitness benefits rather than the fighting aspects. Available in many regular gyms, cardio kickboxing is a less intense version of the workouts for fighters. That way they can accommodate a wider range of fitness levels and help as many people as possible to get fit. Kickboxing for fitness is a noncontact workout where the punches and kicks are aimed at the air or pads. No sparring involved! These types of classes are still very effective for burning calories, toning the body, and learning basic self-defence moves. They are available in many regular gyms on certain dates and times.


Kickboxing as a Martial Art

Should you be up for something more challenging, authentic kickboxing classes are the way to go! You will be learning strategy, techniques, and forms. The striking movements and footwork won’t be reserved just for pads and drilling combinations; you’ll often be putting it to test by sparring with other people. The training regime of a fighter gradually gets more and more intense, but that’s the sign of continuous progress! These kinds of classes are available at kickboxing gyms and martial arts gyms.


So there you have it. If you want to try kickboxing just to add it to your regular workout routine, then cardio kickboxing is the way to go. However, if you’re interested in the technical aspects, give authentic kickboxing classes a try. Here are the other most frequently asked questions about kickboxing.




Is Kickboxing suitable for everyone?

Of course! Kickboxing is often so popular that there are specialized classes for all kinds of people. Whether you have a child eager to get into martial arts or an adult looking for a workout to boost your fitness, there are kickboxing classes near you that you can join.


Kickboxing Classes for Adults

It’s all too easy for adults to settle into a sedimentary lifestyle. It’s also too easy to get bored of treadmills and dumbbells, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing. This is especially true if you don’t have a personal trainer. That’s why it is highly recommended for adults to take up martial arts! Very few martial arts provide full-body conditioning, strengthening, and toning the way kickboxing lessons can. Deciding to take on a kickboxing program can be a life-changer for anyone as it also develops focus, discipline, and perseverance and is a guaranteed stress-buster. 


Kickboxing Classes for Kids

More and more parents are now signing up their children for kickboxing lessons to channel their energy into something productive. Not only is it a fun activity for boys and girls of all ages, it also promotes discipline, respect, focus, and hard work. Kickboxing classes for kids are also a good way to develop a child’s confidence and strong character traits. It will also teach them ways to defend themselves against bullying.


Ladies’ Kickboxing Classes

Kickboxing is very popular among women as it teaches valuable self-defence techniques while getting a good workout. A single one-hour session burns approximately 750 calories! Women-only kickboxing classes target areas that many women consider “problem areas”, such as the core and the arms. It’s also an empowering experience to be learning kickboxing moves around other women who are also trying to improve themselves.


What happens in my first class?

For your first ever kickboxing class, expect to sweat like crazy! Even beginner kickboxing classes are fast-paced. Don’t be too worried if you can’t keep up at first; if the class is moving too fast for you, go at a pace that you’re comfortable in. Sometimes it just takes a while for people to learn the ropes. That simply means you’ll have to keep trying! In beginners’ class you’ll be learning basic punches and kicks, as well as the basic combos.


Do you have any tips for first-timers?

Wear comfortable clothing! Cardio kickboxing classes normally don’t require any gear, but you can wear gloves if you really want to get into it. For martial arts, you will need hand wraps and gloves. Some kickboxing gyms can rent these out to you on your first time. Most importantly, do not overexert yourself! Inform your instructor if you really need to take a breather and have a drink of water.


It’s important to set a personal goal and stick to it. You’ll be less overwhelmed if you made your goals measurable instead of vague ideas of ‘losing weight’ or ‘being fit’. For example, you can aim to lose x number of kilos within a month or be able to jog x number of laps within twenty minutes. Identifying your goals will make it easier for you to know where to start and to track your progress.


How do I find classes for Kickboxing near me?

The good news is, there are tons of kickboxing gyms near you! Find our search bar above and type in Kickboxing then your location. Our system will pull up Kickboxing classes in your area, starting with the nearest ones first.

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Wutian Martial Art Institute
0 Reviews
Wutian Martial Art Institute specialises in martial art classes for children, teenagers and adults in London. Our expert Wing Chun, Judo, Jiu Jitsu and Kickboxing instructors offer intensive classes to accommodate all levels of fitness and skill from beginners to advance. Our teaching methods are designed to be practical, challenging and highly effective. With classes offered across London, Wutian Martial Art Institute is an ideal place to train if you are committed to improving your overall fitness and self defence ability. We offer various courses to increase stamina, refine technique and boost personal confidence for you to become the ultimate martial artist. We are conveniently located in three locations: Stratford, Russel Square and Covent Garden, which is within easy reach of nearby areas including Euston, Kings Cross, Angel, Shoreditch, Greenwich and Hackney. We teach how to use Martial Arts in a practical and effective way for any situation or physical confrontation that is thrown your way. Contact Us Today to find out more!
Camden Martial Arts
0 Reviews
At Camden Martial Arts we focus mostly on stand-up fighting and generally use a striking base similar to that of Muay Thai - the Thai kickboxing art. It is often referred to as the ‘Science of Eight Limbs’ as it combines punching and kicking with elbows and knees. Come and hit some pads and improve your fitness and confidence, relieve stress and learn some cool skills, all in a friendly and safe environment. I have trained for years under (twice European Champion) Winston Fraser, I have travelled to Thailand to train and I have also trained with Ajarn Chai Sirisute who introduced Muay Thai to the USA in 1968. Beginners are very welcome and private lessons for accelerated learning are also available.
Springhealth Kickboxing & Tabata
0 Reviews
Here at Springhealth we offer a wide range of classes to suit everyone, whether you want to try kickboxing, boxing or tabata. We also have a number of conditioning classes as well as sparring classes and personal training services. Whatever your goals are we can help you not ony achieve them but surpass them. Kickboxing is a stand-up combat sport based on kicking and punching, historically developed from Karate and Muay Thai. It can be considered a hydrid martial art formed using a combination of elements from various traditional styles. A typical class at Springhealth will combine a number of the following elements: kickboxing, high intensity drills, skipping, speed and agility drills, circuit training, strength and endurance drills and core conditioning exercises. Our classes provide a high-energy wholebody workout that is guaranteed to burn calories and leave you feeling elated! The cardio-conditioning element of kickboxing is one of the most effective ways to get fit but with kickboxing you also get a number of other benefits; you learn a viable self defense skill, gain increased confidence, improved balance, co-ordination and timing and you'll also make a friend or two. Our comprehensive curriculum means you learn in a progressive and intuitive nature with ample opportunity to test your skills and grade (achieve a belt) using our extensive grading system that stems from white belt to black belt.

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