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Private IELTS Courses

If you're planning on taking the IELTS test and are looking for the best way to prepare, you’ll find private IELTS lessons can be incredibly beneficial. When you select an English teacher or tutor at Classes A2Z, make sure you let them know in advance what your short, mid and long-term goals are, especially if you're taking lessons specifically for IELTS test preparation.


IELTS Courses

IELTS courses are a great way to enhance your English reading, writing, listening, and speaking skill because very often you will be in a classroom environment where you can interact with others. These adult IELTS classes are normally held in a structured manner where you can earn a certificate of accomplishment once you have completed the course. When choosing an IELTS course you’ll very often have the choice of an intensive IELTS course which is intended for a quick review or you could go for a longer course that aims to continuously improve your English skills. One of the best things about group IELTS courses is that they can be very social!


Weekend and Evening IELTS Classes

Your availability is key to be able to comfortably learn English so we suggest only choosing an IELTS course or lessons where you know you will always be able to attend. Many people prefer taking weekend or evening classes but there are also many IELTS test preparation courses available during the day too!


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When you’re looking for the right classes after searching for IELTS test preparation courses at Classes A2Z, you’ll see that we encourage all our members to add clear descriptions and pricing to their classes. You’ll also be able to see feedback about their IELTS lessons!

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Rose of York Language School
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What is IELTS? Basically, the International English Language Testing System (or IELTS) is a standardised test of English language proficiency. IELTS is one of the most popular English language tests around the world. The IELTS exam is available in two different modules: Academic, and General. Our IELTS Exam Preparation courses will offer the skills required to achieve the score you need. The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) Preparation course equips students with the appropriate knowledge for the IELTS exam in order to achieve their required score. IELTS is often required for university entrance in the United Kingdom. Therefore, depending on your desired university course, your university might require a minimum score to allow you entrance. IELTS is one of the most popular English Exam preparation courses. However, please note that it has expiry term of 2 years. Why should I take the IELTS Exam Preparation Class? Our IELTS Exam Preparation classes equip you with the skills, techniques and understanding to feel confident in taking the IELTS exam. Most importantly, our teachers are here to help you to achieve the scores you need. Therefore, this course focuses on the development of the necessary skills, functions and language required to succeed in the IELTS exam. The course aims to: Develop the techniques and strategies required to complete the exam successfully. Focus on vocabulary and functions that enable students to write a discursive academic essay. Additionally, to speak about a selected topic for 2-3 minutes, among other skills. Prepare students for the structure and demands of the IELTS exam through regular practice tests. Evaluate progress and identify specific areas of vocabulary, techniques and skills for improvement to achieve the best score possible. Every year our experienced IELTS teachers help students to achieve the score they need to enter a UK university.
Influential English
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Influential English - The destination for English language learners The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is recognised globally as the best way to measure a speaker’s level of proficiency. Universities, whereby English is the language of communication, recognise the Academic IELTS (the course we offer here) and if your goal is to study at an English speaking university then our IELTS course at Influential English can help you on your road to achieving this. All of the skills are covered in this course (listening, reading, writing and speaking) and a breakdown of how the exam is conducted will be explained in detail to each student so you know exactly what to expect. Although the test is to be taken seriously and those tasking the course with us are expected to be highly focused, our teachers will still be introducing games and activities to each class to ensure that students are always fully engaged! If you wish to study on this course you must buy the “Ready for IELTS – course book with key” by Sam McCarter. Any changes to the course book being used will be relayed to students. If you wish to purchase this book online just follow the link to amazon below
McPherson Education Ltd.
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International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a course for those who would like to enrol to university or apply for a professional pin or license as a foreigner. we offer tailored classes for your needs, whether it is speaking, listening, reading or writing • We are home to 600 students a year with teaching experts. • Community representing over 40 of different nations. • We are proud of our international inclusiveness and history. • We are flexibly engaged with student learning. • We Cater to all groups, ages, and access users. In this course you will learn the steps on passing the IELTS with a successful band score of 7 and above. sessions will be focused on Reading, Listening Speaking and Writing where you will have practical and visual exercises. you will learn on how to avoid the cubical mistakes and maximize your score results even if your grammar is not as strong. Materials from the latest edition of IELTS will be in your hands with recent questions and formats to get you ahead of the score you are achieving towards.

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