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Choosing the Right Fitness Program for You

Everyone needs to have some form of regular exercise, and it's not just so you don't feel bad during when you step on a scale. From an aesthetic-focused perspective, working out consistently and the right way will keep you toned and at a healthy weight. It can also help a person age well and gives you a lot of feel-good chemicals. Other reasons you'll feel good are the reduced risk of developing various diseases (including but not limited to high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.) 


Joining workout programs, especially for beginners, will increase your chances of both consistency and progress. Working out at a gym near you that offers a variety of fitness classes will help you give new workout programs a try without any guesswork and without investing too much time and money at once. This way, you'll be able to find the right exercise for you!


It's entirely up to you to decide which programs you'd like to try. When in doubt, you may consult with a fitness instructor or personal trainer. Ready to improve your overall fitness and health? You can book fitness classes at the gyms in your area with just a few clicks!

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Springhealth Kickboxing & Tabata
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A strength & hiit based workout focusing on repetition based sets. Rep & Sweat is a 1 hour class which runs every first saturday of the month. If you want a class that will really pushes you beyond your boundaries and squeezes every last ounce of energy out of you, then this is where you need to be! The class utilises strength based exercises as well as hiit drills which are preformed for a specific number of repetitions - no being saved by the bell in this class! The format, exercises and structure will change each month to keep it fresh and exciting.
Jackie Grant
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An all level women only fitness program incorporating cardio, weight training, circuit training, interval training, and kick boxing. Every class offers a different full body workout. Boot camp is a group outdoor fitness calls that promotes fat loss, camaraderie and team effort. It is designed to push people a bit further than they would normally push themselves in the gym. Bootcamp uses bodyweight weight exercises like push ups, squats, burpees, interspersed with running and competitive games. The idea is that everyone involved works at their own pace as you team up and work towards one goal either in pairs, small teams of three or four or even two teams head on. Boot camp provide social support for those taking part. This provides a different environment for those exercisers who get bored in a gym or find it hard to develop a habit of exercise. Members of boot camp are usually tested for fitness on the first day and then retested at different intervals. How long is the session? The session is a 45 minutes session What do you do in the session? The session is based on a 5 pillar of general physical prepareness which includes endurance, aerobic, anaerobic(glyc), aneraerobic (ATP) and power. The sessions are varied throughout the week to cover these pillars which consist of body weight exercises, strength using weights such dumb bells and kettlebells, resistant bands and boxing drills, running, plyometric and high intensity exercises. one part of a session example: Session called Gimme 4! 4 x jabs 4 x cross 4 x interweaving hooks4 x reverse lunges Padholder will be moving sideways, forwards backwards and 90 degrees Why should you attend? An advantage of a boot camp is that the large group dynamic will often help motivate the participants. The key benefits of attending are fat loss, increased energy levels, reduce stress.
Tony Cole
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This can be done on a one to one or group basis to help you achieve your fitness goals. I am there to guide you along the way

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