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About Film Studies Lessons

Lights, camera, action! To all aspiring and budding filmmakers out there, you may become the next big blockbuster director! Work hard towards your goal by taking one-to-one Film Studies lessons to supplement your studies. Our database contains plenty of skilful and professional Film Studies tutors that are more than willing to provide you a good grounding in filmmaking techniques and analysis skills. Private tuition would be a great choice for film enthusiasts, especially if you’re at GCSE and A Level. So, what are you waiting for? Discover your full potential today! Contact an awesome Film Studies tutor through Classes A2Z now!


Film Studies Trivia

  • The first moving picture was shot in Leeds by Louis Le Prince in 1888.
  • The first moving pictures developed on celluloid film were made in Hyde Park, London in 1889 by William Friese Greene, a British inventor, who patented the process in 1890.
  • The UK has the third largest filmed entertainment market in the world, after America and Japan.
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the highest-grossing film in the UK as of 2016 with a gross £123.0 million.

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Jay Shurey
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After passing my Film Studies A-Level, I continued to put my love of the subject into practice. The highlight of this journey so far is producing my first professional short film. I am confident that the knowledge I can transfer can make a positive difference to a student's learning. ...

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