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Are you looking for Design and Technology Lessons? Our listed tutors offer private tuition for students of all ages and levels, including KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level. While studying this subject, you can learn how to design and make anything from electronics, clothes, furniture, food, and even computer programs. Also, by studying Design and Technology, you’ll be able to build up your problem solving, planning, and evaluation skills. If you want to ace your exams, or want to unlock a new skill, this offer is definitely for you! Find a personal tutor through Classes A2Z now!


Design and Technology Trivia

  • Sam Houghton of Buxton, Derbyshire, is renowned as the world's youngest inventor. He was just three when he came up with a double-headed broom to collect large debris and fine dust simultaneously to help his father sweep leaves. He was five when he was able to patent his invention.
  • Popular careers for people with design and technology qualifications include: fashion designer, tailor, product designer, architect, software engineer, civil engineer, carpenter and chef.

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