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It's an amazing experience & confidence booster to learn Burlesque! We offer both private and group Burlesque classes throughout the UK from beginners to advanced. You'll find dancing Burlesque with us is AFFORDABLE, FUN and FULFILLING!

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What is Burlesque?

Burlesque is an art form combining dance, theater, and comedy. It involves intricate costumes and is anything but conventional – students are encouraged to find their own style and express themselves. Burlesque classes welcome bodies of all shapes and sizes, and the teachers would be happy to accommodate first-timers! If you have any questions about the classes, do not hesitate to contact a Burlesque studio or teacher.


Benefits of Burlesque Classes

Burlesque classes aren’t just for those who wish to have a career in performing. Anyone can join! What starts out as a class for fun might easily become your next hobby. And why not? It combines laughter and fun with exercise, boosts self-confidence, and will improve your body image. Taking burlesque classes will also be an outlet for expressing yourself, letting your creativity run wild, and helps you de-stress.


What to expect in Burlesque Classes

Expect to be in a welcoming environment and being able to let loose! You will be learning some dance moves in Burlesque classes but unlike very technical dances, you’re free to add your own style to it. A class will usually consist of a warm-up, learning new techniques, learning the dance routine, then the cooldown. For your first class wear something comfortable such as your regular workout clothes. Burlesque also doesn’t require you to remove any item of clothing, you can mime it instead.

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