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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

Anyone can train in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Even if you're not one who regularly goes to the gym or are over 30 years old, people of all ages, genders, or fitness levels can take up BJJ training if you find the right club and classes for you. However, regular training will get you in great shape because you'll be doing drills, practicing techniques over and over again, and sparring with other members! BJJ emphasizes skill over strength so there's a chance you'll find it to be a humbling experience; with the right skills and know-how a lighter person CAN defeat someone bigger than them. Are you up for the challenge?


Benefits of BJJ Training

Taking up Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes will sharpen your mind and will serve as a great workout for your overall well-being. BJJ training can be physically and mentally challenging, which helps in improving self-discipline, grit, focus, and helps build character. BJJ classes also double as effective training for self-defence. It enhances your strength, endurance, ability to think on your feet (or off it, if you've been tackled), and your ability to handle an attack within close proximity.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Club Near You

Find a BJJ club near you with a good community of instructors and students. These are important factors to help you be more motivated during classes. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is not something that you can easily pick up on your own, so being surrounded by like-minded individuals will help you on your road to becoming more fit and skilled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As with any martial art the challenges of BJJ training are part of the adventure – keep on pushing your limits and doing your best in your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and you’ll gradually feel your physique, technique, and even your mood improving.


Perhaps the most challenging part is making the decision to commit. Booking your first session of BJJ training doesn't mean you're committing to a full course, so don't think about it too much. Having a taster class is a great way to see if Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training is for you!

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Wutian Martial Art Institute
0 Reviews
Wutian Martial Art Institute specialises in martial art classes for children, teenagers and adults in London. Our expert Wing Chun, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing instructors offer intensive classes to accommodate all levels of fitness and skill from beginners to advance. Our teaching methods are designed to be practical, challenging and highly effective. With classes offered across London, Wutian Martial Art Institute is an ideal place to train if you are committed to improving your overall fitness and self-defence ability. We offer various courses to increase stamina, refine technique and boost personal confidence for you to become the ultimate martial artist. We are conveniently located in three locations: Stratford, Russel Square and Covent Garden, which is within easy reach of nearby areas including Euston, Kings Cross, Angel, Shoreditch, Greenwich and Hackney. We teach how to use Martial Arts in a practical and effective way for any situation or physical confrontation that is thrown your way. Contact Us Today to find out more
Kempo Jujitsu  Self Defence
0 Reviews
Kempo jujitsu is practical,realistic and Effective self defence and uses the most effective techniques found in kempo/Kenpo, Variuos Jujitsu styles,Karate,Judo,Aikido & Escrima.
South Wimbledon Shorinji Kempo Dojo
0 Reviews
Shorinji Kempo contains many grappling techniques many of which have ether come form Kung Fu or Japanese Jujitsu. The technical syllabus is about 50/50 striking and grappling making Shorinji Kempo very effective. The two are blended together to great effect.

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