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Boxing Training

You don’t have to be a professional boxer to experience and reap the benefits of boxing. The worldwide popularity of boxing has resulted into countless gyms for boxing classes and training, all around the UK, and all over the world! Even professional fighters still have a coach by their side, so there are definitely boxing training for beginners as well. People of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join! Taking up boxing will also help you build skills for self-defence while helping you stay in shape. Go for a class today and discover the meaning of intense training in a supportive environment!


What to expect on Boxing Training

Boxing is more than just a fist fight; training in boxing is a great way to train your strength and quick reflexes, which is beneficial not just for your everyday activities but also for self defence. Boxing training typically starts with a bit of stretching. Warm ups may consist of shadow boxing, jump rope and pad work, to prepare your whole body for the workout. If it’s your first time, you won’t immediately be chucked into the ring for sparring. You’ll first practice the proper form and techniques in footwork and punching before you’re ready for it. Boxing training will challenge your whole body thus enhancing your speed, stamina, strength, and health.


Tips for your Boxing Class

Never forget to bring towel, water bottle and a change of clothes. During the workout opt for workout clothes that are easy to move in, such as athletic shorts and a well-fitting shirt. You don’t need to immediately invest in boxing shoes, but make sure it fits well and is laced up securely. Neatly pull your hair in a bun, you can also make use of headbands or clips to keep your hair in place. Remember, you’ll be wearing gloves most of the time, so it will be difficult to adjust things while working out. You might need to bring your own hand wrap – ask the gym before your boxing class to be sure. The gloves will usually be provided by the gym.

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MG Fit in Fitness Training
0 Reviews
With gloves and mitts, get ready to feel the burn in this high-intensity boxing class. This non-contact, fitness-based class will use boxing fundamentals such as punch combinations, mitt/bag work, and high-intensity cardio intervals, as well as partner and technique work for a great, full-body workout. Wednesday Boxercise at 6:30am-7:30am.
Camden Martial Arts
0 Reviews
Boxing offers an amazing cardio workout and I want all my students to feel absolutely confident that they can hit hard if needs be. Boxing also develops great distance, speed and timing attributes, and we’ll mix up pad work with partner drills until you’re confident with the ‘sweet science’. When Bruce Lee moved away from Hong Kong, his fighting style developed from classical Asian methods and he began to incorporate Western boxing into his game. He watched Muhammad Ali film reels (in the mirror as he was right lead) to try and copy the great man. I cover traditional boxing and I occasionally blend it with South East Asian ‘dirty boxing’ techniques to add that extra bit of effectiveness. Improve your fitness and confidence, relieve stress and learn some cool skills, all in a friendly and safe environment. Beginners are very welcome and private lessons for accelerated learning are also available.
Springhealth Kickboxing & Tabata
0 Reviews
Boxing is a reasonably good full-body workout. It covers all body areas and provides a useful balance between cardio and resistance training. However, it's not specialized enough to serve somebody with cardio or resistance as the only workout goal.

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