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About Biochemistry Lessons

The way the living and chemical world work together naturally is truly marvellous! If you’re an aspiring biochemist, biochemistry lessons is for you! Go on an exciting journey of learning biochemistry with your own personal tutor – one to one lessons are provided for students of all ages and levels. By studying biochemistry, you’ll be learning a lot of interesting things about the chemical processes within us and other living things. Are you up to the challenge? Start your biochemistry lessons today. Contact a professional biochemistry tutor through Classes A2Z!


Biochemistry Trivia

  • The origin of biochemistry may have first occurred when Anselme Payen discovered the enzyme, which was then called diastase but now known as amylase, in 1833, and the field of study is often attributed to Payen's research.
  • The first experiment in modern-day biochemistry may have been the process by which Friedrich Wohler synthesized urea from inorganic compounds.
  • Eduard Buchner contributed to further understanding of the chemical reactions of living things in 1896 when he experimented with alcohol fermentation in relation to cell extracts in yeast.
  • Biochemistry plays an important role in the field of forensic science, allowing criminal investigators to seek out criminal based on DNA evidence; the first person convicted of a crime through DNA evidence didn't take place until 1988.
  • Through biochemistry, scientists have been able to determine that ninety-nine percent of the human body's mass is made up of only six elements: hydrogen, carbon, calcium, nitrogen, oxygen, and phosphorus.

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