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What’s so hot about Bikram Yoga? For one, it’s proven to be quite a popular style of yoga. There must be something about stretching and getting a workout in a room heated up to 42 °C that keeps students coming back for more! If you find this hard to believe, don’t rule it out just yet. Working up a sweat at Bikram Yoga classes serves a very important purpose - to allow the body to function optimally. The heat increases the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments, ergo minimising the risk of injury. It increases not just your pulse rate but also your metabolism, so you can almost literally burn off those calories!


What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a 90-minute yoga session conducted in a controlled climate of 35 - 42°C and a humidity of 40%. Unlike other types of hot yoga, it only consists of 26 postures and two breathing exercises. The instructors must be Bikram-certified teachers who have undergone 9 weeks of training endorsed by the founder of Bikram Yoga himself. If you're already familiar with Hatha Yoga, the poses are the same except and the difference is that Bikram Yoga is done in a hot room and uses the same sequence each time. The benefit of repetition is that consistently attending hot Bikram yoga classes means you'll be able to see how much you improve in each class. Repetition provides the opportunity to truly master the positions until you can go past simply doing the poses and reaching the point wherein the mind and body work in perfect harmony.


Choosing the Best Bikram Yoga Studio

Different Bikram Yoga studios may still differ in several ways. There are studios for purists who want to do Bikram yoga as it was originally designed, but some studios offer slightly varied classes by changing up the duration, music, and even décor! See which ones you like by joining different hot Bikram Yoga classes in your area!

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