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Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Group ballroom dancing lessons is a fun way to learn a new life skill in a comfortable social setting. There are a variety of adult ballroom dance classes for beginners available so you can become familiarized with Standard or Latin ballroom dances. Private lessons are also available for those who are more advanced and those training to compete. Some studios even offer ballroom dance classes for children! Whatever your age, gender, and dancing ability, there are ballroom dancing lessons available for everyone.


Popular Ballroom Dancing Lessons Near You

We’ve looked into which ballroom dancing lessons in are most searched online. This may help you in deciding which style in particular you want to learn. The top ballroom dances to take lessons for include:

  1. Tango
  2. Waltz
  3. Jive
  4. Foxtrot

Other styles of ballroom dance include waltz, foxtrot, samba, quickstep, cha-cha, and mambo. Which one you take is entirely up to you. Why not try a couple of different classes to see which best suits your personality?


Tips for taking Ballroom Dancing Lessons

Once you want to commit to your classes you can sign up for a full course to get the most out of your ballroom dancing lessons. Don’t worry about feeling like your movements are awkward at the beginning. Even if this is your very first dance class the most important thing is to keep moving so you can practice. Participate as much as you can, but if there are things you’re not comfortable with or have questions do not hesitate to approach the teacher. Ballroom dancing lessons can help you stay fit, improve coordination and balance, build self-esteem, and enhance your ability to socialize with people, so it’s good to get into it!

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Barry Gordon
0 Reviews
Boogaloo Barry was one of the judges at the UK World Salsa Championships in July 2008. He has made several TV appearances such as "Got to Dance", Bafta Award-winning actor Darren Boyd's episode of "Little Crackers", and "The One Show" on BBC TV. In 2004 he qualified as an Associate Member of the UK Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance (UKA).
JJ Dance Studios
0 Reviews
JJ Dance studios is one of the top Ballroom & Latin dance studios in the UK & has an enviable world wide reputation. It's unique in that it teaches all ages & all levels from the complete beginners (incl. wedding couples) to top professional competitors. Our teachers are amongst the top dancers in the world but have been specifically trained to make your learning experience fun & enjoyable. JJ Dance Studios the venue has been specifically built for the social dancer & competitive dancer - licensed cafe bar, sprung floors, mirrored walls, great music, it presents an opulent but relaxed atmosphere. The Directors have unequivocal credits which incl. being a professional dancer on the BBC's TV show "Strictly Come Dancing", various films & movies & former British & European Champions.
Dance Delight
0 Reviews
In Dance Delight London our teachers will engage you in two directions in stricly dancing such as Ballroom and Latin. The European program (ballroom) includes such dances as romantic English waltz, passionate Tango, fast Viennese waltz, smooth slow Foxtrot, and fervent Quickstep. In the Latin American program, we will give you the opportunity to learn the basics of such dances as rhythmic Cha Cha, buoyancy Samba, Rumba, which is a reflection of the romantic relationship between a man and a woman, also pasodoble which represents the Spanish bullfight, and finally lively and very fast dance Latin American program Jive. Our classes are held in a very sincere and informative atmosphere. Where we teach you the basic movements of the above dances. Also devoting time to the technical execution of the figures, the choreography, the interaction with the partner as well as the emotional component of each dance. It is very important for us that you get pleasure from the dance that is why we are always ready to meet and listen to your questions and wishes. We work with students of absolutely any age and ability, because we know that it is never too late to start living the dance. There are a million reasons why people start dancing, our task is to make you do it as often as possible. We can prove to you that no matter when the time comes, it will never be too late to start. Dance and be happy! We will be glad to see you at our lessons, Individuals or couples are welcome! DO I NEED A PARTNER? If that's the only thing holding you back, you can rest assured. At the group classes, especially beginners quite a lot of time we spend dancing separately. Because it is very important for beginners to feel their own balance. Moreover, there is always the opportunity to find a partner in class and dance with him having the same goals and interests. It is also possible to dance individually with the teacher. This option can be very effective, as with a professional you will progress at lightning speed.

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