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Bachata Classes 

Bachata is all about the hips and the attitude! Though it is a social dance, bachata moves can also be learned and performed alone. The basic steps are three side-to-side steps and a tap, and as you start feeling the rhythm and flow more you can progress to more complicated twists and turns. Bachata dance has become increasingly popular around the world and there's no reason you should be missing out. It shouldn't be a problem finding beginner to advanced bachata classes near you!


What is Bachata?

Bachata is a popular partner dance in the UK Latin dance scene, in part due to its hypnotic hip movements and addicting music. The basics aren’t very complicated at all, making it suitable for beginners with no dance experience whatsoever. Another reason people enjoy taking bachata classes is that once you’ve got the basic steps down there’s plenty of room to interpret the music as you’d like! Still, there's always a room for progress, so you will surely not get bored with dancing and learning bachata.


What to expect in Bachata Classes

Taking Latin dance classes is always a wonderful, invigorating experience. Bachata in particular involves learning to pour your heart and soul into the dance. The lack of strict steps makes it easy to adapt to various music accompaniment. When taking your first of many bachata class be sure to wear comfortable clothing that provides full mobility at the shoulders, elbows, and knees. For footwear, start off with any shoes with slippery soles to allow easy spinning. Expect to meet plenty of new people and have a lot of fun!

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Rumba Latina
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Learn to dance Bachata, in different venues and days: Excellent Instructors. Small groups No need to have a partner Discount for couples and blocks of lessons You're sure to enjoy our classes! just send us an enquiry and we'll give you more details.
Tracie's Latin Club
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If you would like to express your sensual side through dance, then beautiful Bachata is for you! Bachata originated in the Dominican Republic, but has evolved into a variety of styles as it spread across the world. In recent years it has seen an explosion of popularity, especially for Bachata Sensual, which requires a lot of body movement. Often, Bachata tracks are played within Salsa nights, and sometimes vice versa. With this pairing in mind, our Bachata classes are immediately before our Thursday Salsa classes every other week, and many people come to both classes. The social which follows is a 50:50 equal mix of Bachata and Salsa tracks. Partners are very welcome, but you can just turn up on your own or with friends and we’ll rotate the partners for you – it’s a great way to meet new friends. Before taking any of our 7.15pm classes, it is recommended that you have some experience of the basics of Salsa, and have completed at least the Level 1 Beginners Course from our 8.15pm classes. However, we do offer an Absolute Beginners class for Bachata, so if you are only interested in Bachata and not Salsa, it is possible to attend without having done a Salsa Beginners course. In this case you may need to spend a little more time in the Level 1 Bachata class than others who have some previous Salsa experience.

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