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Automatic Driving Lessons

Driving an auto is becoming increasingly popular as it is much easier to learn compared to manual. It is the ideal choice for those who don’t have enough time or patience to master clutch control and switching gears. Find a trusted driving school and instructor providing automatic driving lessons to learn the necessary skills to become a competent, safety-savvy driver. Handbooks and videos are prepared by instructors to make it easier for students to grasp all essential driving lessons for increased confidence. Automatic Driving Lessons are available for first timers and those needing a refresher.


Choosing the right Automatic Driving School or Instructor

It is very important to know if the school or instructor registered with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). Before booking your first lesson ask for the instructor’s credentials; there’s no harm in doing a little background check! You may contact DVSA to check if your instructor is qualified. In addition, a good driving instructor must always give you their full attention. Avoid someone who checks their phone frequently. The location and cost are also factors to consider when choosing where you’ll have your automatic driving lessons.


Tips for your Automatic Driving Lessons

Be flexible and consistent when scheduling your classes. It’s usually a bit cheaper to take your automatic driving lessons during the weekdays. On your first day, expect a lot of information from your instructor since he/she will introduce you the different functions and controls of the parts inside the car. Don’t place too much pressure on yourself as that could make you feel restless and unable to focus. Never ever panic, always pay attention to what the driving instructor is saying, and never be afraid to ask questions along the way.



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Learn in the BRAND NEW VW Polo Auto, which is widely acclaimed as the EASIEST car to drive in the UK right now and is set to transform the driving school industry. More and more learners are now turning to automatics to gain their driving licence. Auto’s are now more economical than their manual counterparts and we confidently predict an increase of at least 30% over the next few years. Some of the hardest and challenging aspects of driving are mastering the clutch and gears, so learn in a car that has neither No stalling with an Automatic No tricky hill starts in an Automatic Press the gas to go – press the brake to stop – Steer in the direction you wish to go That’s it – SORRY TO DISAPPOINT IF YOU THOUGHT THERE WAS MORE!

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