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Ashtanga Yoga Classes

Ashtanga Yoga also goes by the name Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. Ideal for toning the body and strengthening the core, it is sometimes also referred to as Power Yoga due to its fast-paced nature. Ashtanga Yoga students memorise a specific series of postures and practice them regularly. After all, our bodies are never exactly the same every day and you will still find new discoveries about your body with each session when doing the same postures!


Who can benefit from Ashtanga?

Anyone who is devoted to their practice can benefit from Ashtanga! Many people think that doing yoga is about being one of the best contortionists out there, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Even Ashtanga Yoga classes, which as mentioned are more dynamic than other yoga classes, place a higher regard to the practitioner’s devotion than ability. There’s no shame in struggling and sticking with modified poses until you’re ready for the more advanced poses!


What are Ashtanga Classes like?

Ashtanga has six series with a set order of poses that students must learn. Beginners start with a led Primary series class and work their way up as they improve. Led Ashtanga Classes is ideal for first-timers since the teacher will be calling out the postures and vinyasas and the students move in synch. Practicing even outside of classes is highly recommended!


Conversely, traditional Ashtanga Classes are done in a Mysore style environment where students are still in a group class setting but move at their own pace. The instructor is there to adjust and support each individual.  

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Yoga Plus Exercise
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A combination of yoga plus exercise, based on ashtanga and hatha poses, and my own adaptations. Each class is around 90% yoga and 10% limbering or warming up exercises at the start and then some basic core strengthening exercises. Core exercises are important to perform yoga poses that require strength and balance. Each class almost always ends with a relaxation phase. Background music is provided Student Feedback "I really like the class because I find it difficult/challenging. It is what I want" "Thoroughly enjoy your classes" "Having never done yoga before I thoroughly enjoyed the session." "it is a very enjoyable class and already feeling the benefits; both physically and mentally." "You've been a great teacher and I've really enjoyed those classes I've managed to join." "I had a pain in my lower back and now it has gone" "Thanks for the great yoga Mondays. Best thing I do!" “What I like about these classes is that there is a balance between physical exercise and yoga positions.” “Since starting the yoga class a year ago, I am in much less pain now than any time for the past 30 years..I feel more supple and confident both physically and mentally. Walking has become a pleasure again.”
Aurora Yogi
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Ashtanga Yoga is an active dynamic form of Yoga where you jump from one posture into the next. It is an ancient traditional system that focuses on synchronicity of breath and movement.

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