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Nick Dale
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I’m an Oxford English graduate, and I’ve been working as a private tutor and schoolmaster since 2009 after several years as a strategy consultant. I teach English, Maths and French plus most other Common Entrance and GCSE/IGCSE subjects (and photography). I’m based in Putney and have given private lessons to 501 students of all ages, including some with dyslexia, autism, ADHD and other Special Educational Needs. I’ve taught Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning to 53 pupils, Maths to 263 and English to 351. That includes 56 trainee teachers and 262 school entry candidates, mostly at 11+ and 13+, some of whom have now won places at schools such as Harrow, St Paul’s and Eton. I’ve taught 63 of my students online using Skype and carried out residential assignments in Belarus, Greece, Hong Kong, Kenya, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey.
Mary Thompson
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I have been preparing students for the 11 plus for many years with proven results. As a teacher, I am gentle, encouraging and reassuring, so can particularly help shy students or those lacking in confidence. Although I focus on past papers, I also spend much time on exam techniques and trying to engage students in the language. My lessons are tailor-made to suit the nature and level of the student. I can help with comprehension, story writing (as a published writer, I love teaching writing skills!) and verbal reasoning.
Nilesh Shah
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Maths 11+ and Non verbal reasoning (NVR) Required by many schools but NVR not by all schools Work out students areas they find challenging and work on them Also areas where simple error come in when calculations are done.

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