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Teacher Training Courses & Programmes

Teacher education or teacher training programmes in Carlisle are available for those who are not yet teaching and those who are already employed as teachers. This generally refers to courses and qualifications aimed to develop a teacher’s knowledge and skills in teaching effectively in the classroom, school and wider community. Students undergo formal preparation to become a teacher which are done through a conducted course work, practicum and seminars. Important factors when choosing a teacher training programme is the location, duration, and of course the course content.


Teaching in the UK

There are various routes that one interested in teaching in the UK can take, each one with their own specific qualifications. Anyone who intends to undergo teacher training must have an idea of the level they want to teach; early years, primary, or secondary? Do you want to teach in England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland? This will determine if subject specialism is required or whether you will be teaching across a range of subjects. This will also determine the requirements and qualifications you’ll need to achieve through Teacher Training.


Tips for Teachers in Training

Teaching is a wonderful and rewarding profession, but it comes with huge responsibilities. Try to gain as much experience as you can teaching different age ranges. It’s also good to volunteer at different types of schools to give you an idea of how they’re run. State-maintained schools and independent schools will have different requirements and terms of employment, and volunteering may help you determine where you feel you belong. Most importantly, find the right provider of teacher training to help you bring you a few steps further to your teaching goals!


Scotland Study Centre
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This course is specially designed for: * teachers of English who want to upgrade their English language and teaching skills * people who want to improve their English and at the same time learn the theory and practice of English Language Teaching Raise your level of English from Upper-intermediate to Advanced and Proficiency levels - and at the same time learn the most up-to-date English Languag ...
Galina Jones
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Any leading role requires a person to be good at Public speaking, Teaching and Presentation Skills. People want to see you as an expert in what you do and look presentable. I help leaders to find their true Core, their Purpose and to present themselves as fulfilled individual to be followed. My training includes public speaking tips, articulation exercises, stage fright combating, image improvemen ...
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Award in Education and Training (AET) is a minimum mandatory qualification required by OFSTED, awarding bodies including education/training providers for those who wish to teach in the Adult Education Teaching sector. This is the first recognised qualification and GATEWAY for a successful teaching or training career. Award in Education and Training is an introductory course and it is a knowledge ...

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