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What is Tap Dance?

Tap dance can be distinguished by the sounds the tap shoes make as they strike the floor. It is often done with music, wherein the tap dancer follows the beats, but can also be a capella or sans musical accompaniment. Tap dance is very similar to the Irish jig but the movements are looser, especially in the arms. This iconic dance style is timeless and, in fact, is quite popular among celebrities. Famous stars who are secretly tap dancers include Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Neil Patrick Harris, and Zooey Deschanel. Whether you’re a child or an adult wanting to learn tap, it’s worth taking Tap Dancing Lessons in Inverness!


Benefits of Tap Dance Classes

In other dance styles, you move to the music. In tap dance, you ARE the music. Tap dancing lessons in Inverness train your musical ear as much as it develops your mind and muscle memory. Those who regularly take tap classes in Inverness or anywhere else will develop an impeccable sense of rhythm and timing. Tap can also increase mobility in the hips, strengthen the legs, and so much more.


What to expect in Tap Dancing Lessons

On your first Tap dance classes in Inverness, the teacher will generally teach how toe and heel taps make different sounds. You’ll be practicing simple tap movements and shifting your weight for clearer sounds. Not being able to create distinct sounds on your first try is perfectly normal, just keep trying! There will also be some warm up routines especially for the ankles and lower legs. There are typically no strict clothing requirements, just make sure to wear something comfortable and will not distract you from the movements.

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