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Tap Dancing Lessons Carlisle

Tap dancing is a treat for both the eyes and the ears, but only if you know what you’re doing! Once you start taking tap dancing lessons in Carlisle it’s easy to get hooked. Soon you’ll find yourself trying to practice your tapping skills all over the place, from under your desk at work to when you’re doing chores. Tap dancing requires precision to the beat, so you may feel frustrated at first if you can’t keep up. Don’t worry, with the right tap classes in Carlisle, you’ll soon be able to improve your timing, posture, footwork combinations, and become a better tap dancer overall!


Styles of Tap Dance

The two major variations of tap dance are rhythm tap and Broadway dance. Over the years though, tap dancers have developed various styles and aesthetics such as soft-shoe (using soft-soled shoes), classical tap (a combination of tap, ballet, jazz, and acrobatic stunts), and rhythm tap (places more emphasis on the acoustics). You’ll be able to choose from a variety of tap dancing lessons in Carlisle, from beginner to improvers!


Why take Tap Classes in Carlisle

Tap dancing is an enjoyable cardio workout. You’ll be working nearly every muscle in your body without realizing how much time has passed! In group classes, you’ll learn how to better work with a team as you need to be completely in sync with other dancers. Your musical ear and sense of timing will improve as well as your ability to coordinate with others. You’ll be overcome with the sense of achievement once you’re able to match the timing, sound, and spacing with the group! Tap dance is also incredibly versatile in that you can literally tap anytime, anywhere. With or without music. Finally, tap dancing lessons in Carlisle are incredibly fun!


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