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Join the Tango dance craze weekdays or why not try a Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Beginner to advanced Tango classes & workshops or just come to a VENUE in Kingston upon Thames and Dance! You'll love the social side of this dance - It's AFFORDABLE & FUN!
STARTS AT Group Classes £5.00 / Session
Learn tango, waltz, rumba, foxtrot and more. Dance with experienced dancers or with other beginners. Lessons from Lyn and her assistants, in a large hall with a superb floor. Dance partner not essential. ...
STARTS AT Private Classes £30.00 / 60 Mins Group Classes £7.00 / Session
Boogaloo Barry was one of the judges at the UK World Salsa Championships in July 2008. He has made several TV appearances such as "Got to Dance", Bafta Award-winning actor Darren Boyd's episode of "Little Crackers", and "The One Show" on BBC TV. In 2004 he qualified as an Associate Member of the UK Alliance of Professional Teachers o ...
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Tango Classes Kingston upon Thames

Social dances are perfect for those looking to get a workout and learn to dance but don’t necessarily want to go down the street dancing route. Taking tango classes in Kingston upon Thames can easily open up new opportunities for you, from dancing on weeknights and weekdays and meeting lots of new people to losing weight and having a newfound zest for life. You’ll find tango lessons in Kingston upon Thames any day of the week, including Saturday classes, open for all levels of dancers.


What is Tango?

Tango Dance is a dynamic partner dance with precise and playful dance movements. It is characterized by dramatic, sharp body and head movements, postures, and poses in marked rhythms. There are various types of Tango Classes, some of them are Tango Salon, Tango Milonguero, Tango Orillero, Tango Canyengue, Tango Nuevo, Contact Tango. All Tango Styles are practiced with variations in embraces; Open Embrace indicates open space between partners, while Closed Embrace which refers to chest-to-chest or closed body contact.


What to expect in Tango Classes Kingston upon Thames

You must wear the proper attire for your tango classes in Kingston upon Thames. Opt for clothes that don’t restrict movements such as flowing skirts, capri trousers, or mid-length dresses for the ladies; suit and tie, collared shirts or slacks for men. As for the shoes, shoes with leather or suede soles are suggested for men; women can wear heels between 1 inch to 4 inches, whichever you are most comfortable with. If wearing heels, bring flats for backup.

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