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Though originally considered a martial art, most people nowadays practice tai chi for its health benefits. It is characterized by slow, rhythmic, meditative movements aiming to bring inner peace and calmness. You can find a variety of beginner to advanced tai chi classes, from Level 1 to Level 5, of different styles. Tai chi can be learned in a group or by yourself with certified tai chi instructors in Torquay. Find tai chi courses in Torquay and try it out for yourself to experience its benefits for health and wellbeing!



Benefits of Tai Chi Classes

This type of martial art with deliberately slow movements surprisingly has tremendous health benefits. Tai chi improves posture, strength, flexibility, balance and general mobility. Some research suggests that it can lower the risk of falls among more mature adults. Because the moves are very technical and coordinated, you'll also be developing your coordination. Tai chi classes in Torquay promotes weight loss, and increase in energy and stamina. Continuous practice of tai chi will induce relaxation and stress relief.


What to expect in Tai Chi Classes in Torquay

First-timers are welcome to join beginner tai chi classes - there aren't any special requirements before you can begin your training. The student will start off copying the positions and movement from the instructor. They will also be given time to practice without the instructor to encourage self-learning. It's absolutely normal to not know the moves right away but in a group tai chi class in Torquay, the group tends to move at the speed of the slowest or newest student who should still make good effort to keep up. Students are encouraged to practice at home in between sessions to further their progress. 


Temple Gym Martial Arts Centre
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Starting Soon Introduction to Yang Taijiquan Subject: 13 gestures of the Yang Taijiquan long solo form. two-man training methods Shao San Shou / “Small Application Techniques. Neigong Fundamental & Development softness (via relaxation) and performing techniques in a relaxed manner, is fundamental to Tai Chi - Tension reduces punching speed and power. Muscles act in pairs in oppo ...

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