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Join the Salsa dance craze weekdays or why not try a Friday, Saturday or Sunday! Beginner to advanced Salsa classes & workshops or just come to a VENUE in Salisbury and Dance! You'll love the social side of this dance - It's AFFORDABLE & FUN!
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Salsa Classes Salisbury

Interested in learning fast footwork and meeting lots of new people? Salsa classes in Salisbury offer the opportunity to dive into the world of Latin American rhythms. There are lots of beginner salsa classes in Salisbury that welcomes first-timers. Those who already have some experience can instead join improvers and intermediate salsa courses for more advanced moves. Interested in learning fast footwork and meeting lots of new people? Search for the best salsa classes in Salisbury and get ready to have the time of your life! 


What is Salsa?

Salsa is a Latin American partner dance that incorporates various elements of rock and jazz. It’s exciting, energetic, and incredibly social, making it very popular all over the world. Over the years it has developed a range of styles including Afro-Latino, Colombian/Cali, Cuban/Casino, Miami-style Casino, Rueda de Casino, Los Angeles and New York Style. You don’t need to immediately figure out which style suits your personality, just try a couple of salsa classes in Salisbury and take it from there!


Benefits of Salsa Classes

Salsa dance is one of the more enjoyable ways to exercise. If you’re looking to get fit and have fun while doing it, salsa classes in Salisbury might just be for you. Not only could you lose weight and get the blood pumping, it also promotes bone and joint health. In addition, you’ll be learning moves that can be used during a fun night out with friends! The social nature of salsa dance means it’s possible and even encouraged to swap partners – this makes it a great way to meet and socialize with new people. Once you join the salsa dancing community you’ll experience a zest for life like never before! Take part in salsa dance classes in Salisbury today!

Tracie's Latin Club
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We have salsa classes for all levels but our lovely beginners get a special course just for them. We pride ourselves on providing a really friendly, caring and sociable atmosphere, whilst delivering excellent teaching of the fundamentals of salsa technique. If you are coming on your own, the hardest thing will be walking through the door, but as our classes are hosted at Tracie’s Latin Club, we give you a warm TLC welcome and you’ll feel right at home after that. We feel it is essential to master the basics in order to be able to dance socially, and we therefore offer a 6 week course for beginners (Level 1). Don’t panic about starting, as we assume you know nothing about dance, and with our wonderful teachers we can cure anyone with the ‘2 left feet’ syndrome! No partner is necessary as we rotate partners, which helps you meet new friends and makes a lovely warm and friendly vibe. Fear not – there are no exams and you will have sooooo much fun – guaranteed! Take the chance, it might just change your life! Classes for all other levels are held on Wednesdays and Thursdays evening. Full details and dates of our next fantastic beginners courses and other classes contact us here!

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