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Qigong Classes Nottingham

Qigong is all about life energy cultivation – it is practiced with the belief that we should strengthen the energy that circulates inside our body to improve our overall health condition. Qigong classes in Nottingham and the rest of the UK are starting to become more widely recognized because it affects the mind and the body in many positive ways. There are qigong classes in Nottingham for beginners so those who have never tried it or have no idea what it's like. Of course, there are also classes and courses for those at intermediate and advanced levels. Everyone is encouraged to join qigong classes in Nottingham, regardless of your age or fitness abilities. It is ideal for highly active people and even sedentary workers and those who are ill. 


What is Qigong?

Qigong, literally meaning energy cultivation, is one of the major branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. China’s 7000-year-old self-healing tradition incorporates breathing methods, flowing movements, and meditation to harvest and distribute energy throughout the body. Its simplicity makes qigong classes in Nottingham possible for anyone to join!


Benefits of Qigong

Like tai chi, qigong offers a plethora of benefits to the practitioner. For starters, it improves the body’s blood circulation, which enhances cell growth and organ function. Historically there are 5 qigong styles that emphasize different benefits, namely for healing, for prolonging life, for internal power, for spiritual enlightenment, and even for boosting intelligence. Many practitioners of martial arts also practice qigong as a way to harness energy, balance emotions, and control impulses. Qigong also helps you develop your balance and practice the flow of movements, which in turn helps prevent injuries such as sprains and locked joints. There are many more benefits to this surprisingly simple art, so why not start your qigong classes in Nottingham today!

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