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It is becoming increasingly common for a child to receive one-to-one tuition outside of school. Its effectivity in boosting the pupil’s chances of reaching their academic goals has many parents turning to private tutoring. Kirkwall tutors offer a wide range of bespoke private tuition for all levels including 11 Plus, GCSE, and A Levels, for whichever subject/s the pupil needs help in such as Maths, English, and Sciences. Whatever their or your goal is, you’re sure to find a private tutor in Kirkwall who can provide the right guidance!


Who should have a Private Tutor? 

Extra lessons are particularly popular for the purpose of helping the child secure a position in a grammar school. Even pupils who are already doing well in school may feel exam pressure, which is why parents turn to tutoring. Kirkwall tutors can help pupils with difficulty grasping certain concepts that they are too shy to bring up in school. Pupils of all ages and levels, from early learning even up to university level, can also benefit from the guidance of an academic authority to develop their skills in studying and in taking exams.


Finding Private Tutors in Kirkwall

Different teaching and learning methods, varying personalities, and different needs mean that you can’t just hire any tutor for your child. Have a look through the profiles of our private tutors in Kirkwall to see the lessons and courses they offer for which subjects. Tutoring Kirkwall pupils is their expertise, but they cater to different niches! Our Kirkwall tutors offer private or group classes at a tuition centre, at their home, or at the pupil’s home – which would you and your child prefer? The bottom line is, once you find private tutors in Kirkwall you like feel free, to send them an enquiry (at no cost!). This will help if you have any questions, to get an idea of what they’re like, and to book a lesson.

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You can also add affiliations and awards you have received. It all adds to building credibility. Group Search Display The first few lines will show in searches when somebody is looking for a group subject such as Yoga, Martial Arts, Private Tutors, Learn English, Dance Classes, Fitness Gyms or Fitness Programmes. These groups are where you offer a type of specific class like Bikram yoga so we would also group it under yoga classes. It gives you more exposure so it’s important you add a summary. Social Media Friendly Your profile page also has its own social media functionality great for sharing and liking! Click on share and have a look at the image that would be shared. Reviews No profile is complete without having reviews, so don’t forget to request some of your past and present students for a review via your admin page. How to navigate your profile At the top left you can click on classes and choose a subject page to look at. If you’re using a desktop, you can see on the left short cuts to your offerings.
Nilesh Shah
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  • 11 Plus
  • Maths
I tutor/teach students the new maths GCSE (9-1) plus Secondary levels (KS3 & KS4) and maths Primary levels (KS1 & KS2). I am very friendly, approachable and have proven track record to bring best academic potential out of students. I am happy to discuss your requirements without any obligations. I am based in Kingsbury (NW9) very close to the underground. I spend time as required with students to work out together their areas of strength and areas they require to build up on, which is normally done in the first few lessons. Nearly all my student achieve better grades than they initially targeted.
Your Favourite Teacher
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  • English Literature
Education has never been tougher, not just for the students in your school but for your teachers. This platform eliminates the need for costly, exhausting in school enhancement. Topics that students are unsure about can be accessed on demand through their laptop, phone or tablet. Our founder Miss Meeks has experienced the highs and lows of education throughout her career. She was responsible for GCSE English for the last few years and is well aware of the immense pressure on staff at every level in schools. This service is meant to alleviate some of this pressure, whilst still securing in-depth content knowledge for students taking their GCSEs.

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