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Top Portsmouth Piano Teachers offering some of the best local Piano Lessons in Portsmouth - Learn as a child or take adult Piano lessons - Specialist Piano lessons for beginners available so you can see results fast!
STARTS AT Private Classes £21.00 / 30 Mins
Piano lessons are available with Igloo on Wednesdays. Private lessons are available for students of all ages, from 4 years old to adults. Our tutor is also a specialist in early years and special needs learning. ...
STARTS AT Private Classes £15.00 / 30 Mins
I offer piano lessons up to intermediate level. You can work towards the grades or just learn for fun. I have successfully taught students of all ages to pass exams. I have played piano since I was 12 and started teaching it when I was 16. I then became a music specialist teacher in primary schools and taught school choirs. I am now back to teaching it one to one. ...
STARTS AT Private Classes £25.00 / 60 Mins
I offer classical lessons, however you may wish to learn a pop track or a beginner jazz tune. I teach from beginner up to a good intermediate level. I have good results on the piano for people entering their exams via ABRSM and i do expect students to practice and then the lesson can be more beneficial to all concerned. Whatever your requirements i am happy to assist ...
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How to learn to play Piano

Obviously the first step would be to take Piano classes… We have many choices for you under Piano Lessons Portsmouth where you will be able to find all kinds of Piano tuition in Portsmouth.  When choosing your Piano teacher Portsmouth, you should be looking at their experience in teaching, the reviews they’ve received and the amount of recognition they give their students. Depending on the level you wish to reach, you’ll want to check if they can teach to GCSE, A-Level or degree curriculums or if they follow the grade system set out by ABRSM (The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music).


Learn to play Piano for fun

If you’re not interested in taking exams you will want to make sure the Piano lessons are available in your favourite genre. The most important thing is to know why you want to learn Piano and what you want to achieve.

Learning how to play Piano must be an enjoyable experience because like any musical instrument you will need to practice a lot. This is why we encourage all our Piano teachers to set achievable goals for their students and give you praise when you achieve them!


Adult Piano Lessons for Beginners

It’s never too late to learn to play Piano! Our Piano teachers will be able to take you through step by step Piano lessons on how to play the Piano, as many of them have experience in Piano lessons for adults.

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