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Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors - What's the difference?

These titles are often incorrectly interchanged. The similarity is that both will help you figure out what's what in a gym. A fitness or gym instructor is usually employed by the gym to perform a standard fitness assessment on new members, familiarize them with the equipment, provide advice and assistance, and sometimes provide a simple program.


On the other hand, a personal trainer in Reading will provide a more intensive program tailored to your specific needs. On the first session they will do an in-depth assessment not just of your goals but also of your current lifestyle and nutrition. PTs are also more involved in terms of setting long-term goals, providing a realistic perspective as well as motivation, and helping you gain progress. Many personal trainers are also not restricted to a Reading gym - they will be able to train their client wherever it is beneficial, including outdoors.


Tips for choosing an Reading Personal Trainer

Remember that you will be working side by side with this person for ideally a long period of time. It is therefore extremely important that you choose a personal trainer you're able to get on well with, but can still take seriously when they give directions.They also need to be open to communication, especially when you have hesitations about certain exercises, and do not try to make you feel bad in an attempt to make you work harder. A good personal trainer will be invested in your goals almost as much as you are. 


Reading Personal Trainer Sessions

Ready to improve your overall fitness and health? Sessions with a personal trainer in Reading are available in just a few clicks! There are a lot of ways to become fit, including dance, sports, and martial arts. However, not all methods are effective for everyone. This is where personal trainers come in. A personal trainer will provide valuable insight and device a fitness plan, from your diet to the exercises you will benefit the most from. Changing your lifestyle will be hard but you'll be able to reach your fitness goals faster with an expert to motivate and guide you!


Working out with a personal trainer in Reading will relieve you of any stress (and demotivation) from figuring out which fitness program will work best for you. Choose a personal trainer in Reading from our extensive database of excellent individuals and start your journey to fitness through Classes A2Z!

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