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Why should I work out with a Personal Trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer in Cardiff is one of the most vital decisions one makes to accomplish their fitness goals. A dedicated trainer isn't just there to tell you what to do - they're essentially your partner-in-crime, the person whose mission it is to help you lose weight, become stronger, increase your flexibility, or whatever it is you want to achieve. They're in charge of making sure you're doing the right exercises, have the proper form, and avoid injuring yourself. A good personal trainer in Cardiff is also a gold mine of information; you'll learn more about your body's potential and capabilities, the right way to nourish and train it, and so much more!


Things to Discuss with Your Cardiff Personal Trainer

Before you start training with your personal trainer it's important to lay the groundwork by discussing a few points. Ask if they've worked with anyone with similar goals as yours and what to expect. Be upfront about any physical limitations you have that you're aware of and ask if there are workarounds or how you can improve it. Be completely honest about where you are at the moment in terms of nutrition and fitness regime. They won't be able to provide you with the correct plan if they're working with inaccurate data! If they were to train you beyond your current fitness level, it might be too difficult and therefore demotivating for you. Orient them with your reason for getting a personal trainer so they can help you figure out your short-term and long-term goals. In addition, you might want to give them a heads up on the communication style you respond best to - do you prefer calm tones or does tough love work better on you? 


What to expect in Cardiff Personal Trainer Sessions

Obviously, a sign of a good trainer is that they are open to communication, often starting the discussions themselves. For your first session with a personal trainer in Cardiff, the exercises might not be intense. Instead, they use simple workouts to assess your fitness levels, mobility, flexibility, etc. Remember that you are allowed to stop and say if any workout makes you feel uncomfortable in any way. At the same time allow yourself to be encouraged if the only reason you don't want to do an exercise is that you're afraid of failing. A personal trainer in Cardiff or anywhere else is there to support you along the way!

Rachel Morse
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The classes I offer all have a very personal feel and are tailored to the individual to ensure all the exercises are done safely depending on your stage of pregnancy or recovery. I am a qualified personal trainer with additional qualifications in working with ante and post-natal mothers. I am also a mother myself so have been there too, which is surely the best experience!! ...
SOS  Athletic Excellence
0 Reviews
Personal Training is the most time efficient, effective and safest way to get in shape. One of our expert personal trainers will take you through a 1:1 session that is geared towards your personal goals. These goals could be fat loss, muscle building, strength or performance based. ...
0 Reviews
Hello, Personal Training Kick Boxing Thai Boxing Boxing Coordination Core Strength Self Defence Health And Fitness. 1-1 Available Block Sessions Discount. [email protected] ...

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