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Kirkcaldy Martial Arts Classes

It’s surprising how popular taking up martial arts is nowadays! There has been a massive increase in people looking to take it up throughout the UK and Kirkcaldy is no exception to the rule. It's a great way to keep fit, it’s social, competitive and has a great team spirit. Not only are you learning something that can be useful but you’re also building concentration, focus and strength too. You can’t expect to become a professional in days but the training will pay off. There is nothing like practising that move over and over again and then in a sparring session being able to deliver it perfectly!



What’s the Best Kirkcaldy Martial Art to Choose?

We can’t tell you which are the best martial arts to learn in Kirkcaldy because a lot comes down to your personal choice. You should visit the club or school and see what the vibe is like, speak to some of the other people there. If you get on with them and feel comfortable, then that’s a good sign you’re in the right place!


Popular Martial Arts Classes in Kirkcaldy

We’ve researched which are the most popular martial arts classes that people search for online. Are they the best martial arts to start training in? Only you can decide that!


  1. Krav Maga
  2. Muay Thai
  3. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
  4. Aikido
  5. MMA


We hasten to add, that this list is only based on the number of online lookups. To see the whole selection you should – Click Here


Martial Arts for Self-Defense

Yes, it is good to know how to defend yourselves but most instructors will tell you that there is no winner when it comes to standing toe to toe with an assailant and trying to beat them. The best self defence strategy is to always escape as fast as possible and run away. What martial arts will do, is help teach you how to escape, how to break a grip, possibly disable the assailant and then get out of there! One of the key factors to your escape is confidence in the knowledge that you CAN escape.

Gojuryu Martial Arts Academy
1 Reviews
  • Karate
  • Self Defence
Welcome to Goju Ryu Martial Arts Academy. We offer training in Karate-do for adults and children, of all ages, in Scotland; Glenrothes, Dundee and Edinburgh. We have recently had many inquirers and new starts in the Dojo from the more mature person and I want to reassure you Goju Ryu is the perfect Martial Art for you. Goju Ryu is suitable for all ages and abilities, there are many students of Karate, Judo and Martial Arts who return to training later in life and have found this traditional method of training accessible and very beneficial for there physical and mental health. Goju Ryu training is based on Chinese White-Crane Kung-fu, Qigong (energy work) principles and Okinawan Tee, combined they have many health benefits, including: • Feeling more relaxed • Increasing you mobility and flexibility • Feeling generally more energetic • Improved concentration • Stress and anxiety reduction • you are always challenged and learning something new Beginner or experienced martial artist, whether you are looking for a class environment or a personal training plan, we can help! Develop Fitness, confidence & health!
  • Krav Maga
Kia Ming Association for Tai Chi Chuan
0 Reviews
  • Tai Chi
Kai Ming Association teaches Cheng Man Ching style Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong at regular classes, throughout the Midlands, covering all aspects from gentle exercise and stress management through to the more martial aspects. Advanced classes include weapons training, push-hands, and more.

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